The Set Up (One Direction)

What kind of a school sets you up with someone? I mean honestly who does that! Well, one school apparently does, they think its better for the future. Everyone knows about the "Set Up" dance, anyone whos anyone knows about it. Every year all of the years take a 100 question questionnaire about themselves. The school pairs up people and they are forced to go to the biggest dance of the year. It can be anyone from any grade. Unfortunately for Morgan Greene, she has to struggle and deal with the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend for two years and having to be paired up with someone she hasn't met. Friends will test each other on different levels than ever expected.


4. That Wasn't an Accident

Chapter 4: That Wasn’t an Accident

         Staring into his green eyes is so hypnotizing. I definitely forgot who I was face to face with.

         "Everything okay?" His deep, husky voice says kicking me out of my trance.

         "Yeah, just getting to class." I say pulling my backpack back to my shoulders.

         "You got out of fifth period pretty quick." He smirks showing off his dimples.

         "Yeah, I know. I didn't really want to get trampled." I look at my feet avoiding any more eye contact.

        "Something wrong love?" He takes his big hand and lifts up my chin and I turn away.

        "Nothing, I just need to get to class." I start walking towards my class.

        "Wait!" He says pulling my arm back to him and we become chest to chest. What is he trying to pull here?

        "Please don't touch me. I don't even know you."

        "It's alright babe. I promise I won't bite." He pulls me close and puts a hand behind my head and one firmly on my back. I try to get away, but he's too strong.

        "HEY! STYLES! Get your hands off of her now!" I hear Niall's voice and footsteps coming towards us. Harry backs away, rolling his eyes.

        "Really Niall? Really?" Harry clenches his fist and walk towards Niall.

        "Yeah, really! You can't just try and kiss a girl you haven't even met before!" Niall shoves Harry and he falls backwards. Harry gets back up and pushes Niall.

       "I can do whatever the hell I want!"

       "Really okay? Then beat me up , tough guy." Niall provokes Harry making Harry raise a fist ready to punch Niall.

       "Stop! Please stop!" I grab Harry's hand and push them away from each other. I pull Niall away walking him backwards.

        "Let me at him! He can't try and kiss you!" Niall try's to break free but I have a good grip and he gives up.

        "Listen to me, I am fine that's all the matters right? I can't have you get hurt Niall. I was the one who wanted to walk alone on that path and-" Niall cuts me off.

       "But I was the one that showed you that path!" He tries to make it his fault just so he could throw a punch a Harry.

       "No it's not. It was my decision. Please just forget it." I grab his hands.

       "Fine. But if he ever tries to pull another move let me know." I nod.

       "Okay. I have to get to class and you probably should too. Hey, why don't you come over after school and we can go eat or something?" I say.

       "Yeah sounds great! Here's my number," he puts his number in my phone, "Just text me your address." He smiles and we go our separate ways.

       I walk into the class and I see Harry standing in front of the classroom. As soon as I set foot into the class, he looks over and I feel vulnerable. I lift my chin up and confidently walk to my seat, glancing at Harry and giving him a ‘nice-try’ smirk.

        I slowly get through the painful class of being in the same room as Harry.

        Get me out of here.


{AUTHORS NOTE: Hi everyone! I thank you guys so much for reading! I love all the feed back I have been getting! Sorry that this chapter is really short! I wanted to post something for you guys before the New Year! I will try and post later tomorrow! Love you all so much! -Nikki<3}




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