The Set Up (One Direction)

What kind of a school sets you up with someone? I mean honestly who does that! Well, one school apparently does, they think its better for the future. Everyone knows about the "Set Up" dance, anyone whos anyone knows about it. Every year all of the years take a 100 question questionnaire about themselves. The school pairs up people and they are forced to go to the biggest dance of the year. It can be anyone from any grade. Unfortunately for Morgan Greene, she has to struggle and deal with the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend for two years and having to be paired up with someone she hasn't met. Friends will test each other on different levels than ever expected.


18. Family Reunion

Chapter 18: Family Reunion

          I don't get it. How could they just show up here? I know I haven't seen them in ages, but why wouldn't they call?

          I stand on my stairs looking down at my brother and father. I don't know how to act, I can't even process anything to say.

          My brother has grown up and must be, what, thirteen almost fourteen now? His facial features have definitely matured. He has grown, a lot. He's probably an inch taller than me.

          Last time I saw or even talked to him was four years ago when we went to my grandmother’s funeral. He was still the little annoying boy I grew up with. But now, he's a teenager.

          "What are you doing here?" I demand, finally after being speechless.

          My brother awkwardly stands between my mother and father. He looks down at floor, his hair flopping down in front of his face.

 My father clears his throat and speaks up, "we wanted to see you guys."

          I can't believe this, my dad left us and took my brother with him. My dad does look likes he's aged faster than he is, maybe from stress. What stress? He didn't have to endure as much stress as I did while my mother was suicidal.

          "I don't believe you." I finally say, tears fighting to rush down my infuriated cheeks.

          "Morgan, please." My mother tried to calm me down.

          My brother takes a step forward, "I wanted to see you again. I missed my big sissy."

          With those words, my heart clenched. My heart flipped, jumped and sunk in a matter of milliseconds. My eyes watered sending the tears down my cheeks, and my legs make me collapse to my knees. I break down in tears and can't control myself.

          I feel hands glide down my back and another rubbing circles into the back of my neck.

          "Eli, go get her a bottle of water in the fridge." My mother instructs and gently hugs me.

          "I'm sorry, baby." She nuzzles her head into my shoulder.

          I hear feet shuffle towards us, I look up and my brother comes back with a bottle of chilled water.

          My father continues to stand by the living room, saying nothing. Absolutely nothing.

          "Aren't you going to apologize?" My anger takes over and I can't control what I want and need to say.

          My father’s face expresses guilt and a bit of confusion, "For what?"

          "For abandoning us, for leaving us to fend for ourselves. I had to become the mother of the family when mom went into depression! I was eight years old. I did some bad things after all this happened. I had to fix myself up and get my shit together. You never even called me, I had no idea what was happening. You left me."

          The tension in the room has changed from pure anger and awkwardness to guilt and silence.

          Tears continue to fall from my eyes until there are no more to fall.

          "Say something!" The pain was apparent in my breaking voice.

          "Mo, you know I loved and still love you." My father says, his runs his hands through his hair.

          I sigh, "Then why'd you leave?"

          He shakes his head, "things happened that I don't want to repeat."

          I really want to ask, I should know. Yeah, I deserve to know.

          "Like what? I deserve to know," I grab onto my brother, "we deserve to know."

          My father sighs and desperately looks at my mother, she shrugs, "Morgan... You really want to know why I left."

          I nod, also feeling desperate. I need to know, at this point I could care less on what he did, and I just need to know.

          "One night, I was working. It was late at night, I was the only one at my office. I stayed late because I didn't want to come home," he trailed off and started playing with his fingers. Just like I always do. Anger boils up, why would he not want to come home?

          "I was in some big trouble with the police... When I mean big, I mean huge trouble."

          My heart nearly stops, my anger has been tamed and I can feel my brother start to quiver. My mother who was sat behind me sighed again and sniffled.

          My dad's eyes were red and glossy, he looked really nervous and upset. "I was afraid to come home and take the risk of you guys seeing me being arrested. I knew they were coming for me that night. So I called your mother and turned myself in." A small gasp escaped from my lips.

          My father didn't purposely leave us, he tried to save us from viewing him badly. Aside from whatever crime, or crimes, he did, all he was trying to do was protect us.

          "Why were they coming for you?" I whispered, my brother’s head was burrowed into his hands.

          "I was young, maybe nineteen or twenty. I broke into a house, vandalized it and stole things. I wasn't in a good place at the time. After a few years in jail, they released me and put me on parole for the rest of my life, pretty much. One night, I wasn't thinking again, about a week before I turned myself in, I hit a car and drove off. Of course, I should've stayed, that's what any normal person would do but I drank a little before. I didn't want to risk getting caught." He chuckles, and a half smile appears on his broke face.

          "But look where that got me."

          I am in complete utter shock. I never would've thought my father was a criminal. God I hate saying that, but he is. It would be a different story if he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was the one that did it. He was the one that almost ruined our lives, I don't think I could ever forgive him for that.

          "To be completely honest with you, I thought this would be something about cheating on Mom." I say and my brother nods.

          "I know this is probably worse," he say but I can tell he instantly regrets it, "actually no it's not. Cheating is worse. Never cheat on the best thing that you have. I would never cheat on your mother." My dad grabs my mom’s hand and she giggles.

          My mom stills love him, I've always thought they actually had a true love in the beginning. I could see it when they looked into each other's eyes. They were full of lust, love, and passion, something I wish I had and would hopefully get.

          My mom never was depressed because my father left her. It was because he was in jail and she needed him. Just like how I needed Jason. It's exactly like when you break a leg and need a crutch. You need someone to be there for you through anything. Something to support you and carry your weight while you’re at your most vulnerable.

          Half of my life was a complete lie, I living thinking that I hated my dad. I lived thinking he didn't care for us, when in actuality... He left because he cared too much about us. Yes, he probably should've tried to call or something, but I guess the fact that I practically told him I hated him when he tried to do little things made him give up. He had no hope and all he wanted to do was keep me happy. So he kept his distance.

          Then there was my brother, he was all I had. He was the one I wanted to be good for and care for. I loved and still love him more than anything. He was my brother, we were best friends, and he was everything. He was the light of my dark days. The glimmer of hope when all seemed lost. He was the rays from sun, shining to keep me warm and keep the light on me.

 From his tiny freckle to his annoying cries, I adored every single thing about him. He kept me sane, from going into complete insanity.

 Once he left, I went downhill and fast. Thinking I has no purpose on Earth without him, I thought of ending my life, multiple times. I just couldn't come to reality with it, there was no way I could end my life.

          I was a complete mess.

          I still am, but I don't show it. I hide it under the crest, I don't let it be shown through. There was no way I would have my life like it is today. No absolute way.

          "Want anything for lunch?" Eli asks, walking towards the kitchen.

          "Whatever is fine?"

          Eli nods, walking to tell my mom.

          "Pam?" My dad asks, trailing behind my brother.

          "Yes, Neil?"

          "Let's go out to lunch instead." My mom diverts her attention and smiles.


          "I'll take one bottle of your best wine," Neil speaks to the waiter.

          My dad decided we go and have a nice meal the first time back together.

          When he said "back together" the first thing I thought was, "oh no."

          The whole ride to this restaurant, the same one Louis dragged me to, I thought about those two words.

          Back together.

          Back together... Does this mean they're getting back together? Is my dad going to move in with us again?

          I don't know if I can handle it, emotionally I'll be terrified of going through the same disaster again. I mean he didn't dare to touch a single hair on any of our heads, but emotional causes much more pain. And that's exactly what I don't want, emotional pain.

          "Excuse me, Morgan?" My nearly heart stops at the sound of the voice behind me.

          Shit. Shit. Shit.

          I quickly glance at my family as their eyes flicker to the source. I turn and watch a nervous Louis smile at me.

          He is accompanied by four others, a male who is probably his father. Two girls, who look like twins, and a middle aged women who I presume is his mother. They smile at him and are seated to a table a few yards away.

          Just great. Well isn't this magical, what a freaking coincidence.

          "Hi Louis," my voice doesn't come out as I wanted it to sound. It was a little shaky.

          Louis smiles and holds out his arms, "Hello, love, what a surprise." I turn my rolling chair and stand to hug him.

          "Mom, Neil, I mean dad, Eli, this is Louis." I politely introduce them.

          "Is this your, um, boy-... Friend? Friend? Sorry I don't really know what to say." My father shrugs and chuckles at himself.

          Just I am about to speak Louis cuts me off, "Oh were are just friends, good friends."

          I smile and nod. How much more uncomfortable could this get.

          "Louis, Morgan?" I spoke to soon.

          Harry's voice echoes through the restaurant from the other side of the room.

          What the hell?

          "Harry? What are you doing here?" Louis asks, exchanging an awkward handshake and pat on the back with Harry.

          Harry's face forms a polite smile and nods to Louis. His eyes tell different, his eyes show jealousy, maybe even anger.

          "Eating, well just leaving now, with my grandparents, they came in town to visit." He glances to my "family."

          "Oh sorry," I am knocked out of my semi-shock, "Family, this is Harry. Harry that's my mom, Pam, brother, Eli, and father, Neil."

          They all smile and Harry reaches to give each a handshake.

          "Louis, what are you doing here?" Harry asks.

          "I'm here with Morgan." Louis blurts and throws his arm around my shoulder. Harry glances over to the fifth chair that just happened to be at our table and nods.

          What the hell?

          "Oh really? Well my grandparents are waiting I should go. Nice meeting you guys, and have a wonderful time! See you later guys!" Harry gives a not-so-smug smile and exits the restaurant.

          "What the hell was that?" I ask.

 I look over to my family, who seem just as baffled and lost for thought as I am.

          "I will tell you later. It's nothing big. Have a nice lunch! See you around!" We hug again and I take my seat at the table again.

          My arms rest on my chair, gripping the underside. I stare down at the white gap between the silverware and my menu, "I have no idea what just happened."

          My family nods and laughs, not a normal laugh but a nervous laugh. I wouldn't blame them. I'd feel just as uncomfortable as they do.

{Hello everyone, Happy New Year! It's officially 2k14! OMG! Lol anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and Christmas, if you celebrate! And if you don't and celebrate Hanukah, hope you had a wonderful Hanukah! I'm really sorry it took me so long to update, been down in the dumps. :-( I have attached a photo of Morgan's family so you can picture what they look like! If you have any questions on what anyone else looks like, comment below and I will post a picture of him/her/them next chapter! Love you all!}


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