The Set Up (One Direction)

What kind of a school sets you up with someone? I mean honestly who does that! Well, one school apparently does, they think its better for the future. Everyone knows about the "Set Up" dance, anyone whos anyone knows about it. Every year all of the years take a 100 question questionnaire about themselves. The school pairs up people and they are forced to go to the biggest dance of the year. It can be anyone from any grade. Unfortunately for Morgan Greene, she has to struggle and deal with the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend for two years and having to be paired up with someone she hasn't met. Friends will test each other on different levels than ever expected.


17. Envious

The Set Up: Envious

 *Harry's POV*
          "What the hell is she doing? This is going way too far, she was only supposed to kiss him!" My anger builds up as I watch Louis and Morgan make-out right in front of me.
          "Calm your shit!" Niall says, smiling at his plan falling into place.
          I huff and storm out of this damned house. I wouldn't have invited her if I knew this was going to happen. I shove my way through the groups of people straight to my car. I shouldn't have drunk more than two beers. I'm falling over, running into walls, and slamming into parked cars. I reach my car and punch the hood.
          "God damn it!" I scream continuously pounding into my car.
          "Whoa, you... you alright man?" Zayn voice is slurred and quiet.
          I huff, tugging at my hair, "Don't."
          Zayn puts his hand on my back and I take a swing at him.
*Morgan's POV*
          I pull away, staring at Louis who has a huge smile on his face. I glance behind him to Claire, who looks furious, and I can't help but smile at her.
          "You little bitch!" Claire strides towards me and I stand my ground. She reaches for me but I glide out of the way. Everyone starts to chant but I am pulled out of the circle. Liam wraps his arms around my waist and carries me outside.
          "Let's go fighter," Liam stays grabbing my wrist leading me towards our cars.
          "That was so worth it." I say and Liam looks at me.
          "It was," he laughs with a huge smile spread across his face.
          "What the..." Liam's says and I follow his stare.
          Two guys are fighting, one is Harry and the other looks like Zayn.
          Oh my God.
          I start running after Liam to them, careful not to snap my ankle in my heels.
          "Stop! Stop right now!" Liam tears Harry off of Zayn and pins him to the car.
          Zayn lays on the ground, busted lips and a bruised face. I kneel down next to him, "Zayn, are you okay?"
          He nods and wipes the blood from his nose.
          "Zayn talk to me, please." I say, pushing his hair off of his face.
          "I'm fine." He weakly says. I look over at Harry who tries to escape from Liam’s grip but Liam won’t let him.
          "What happened?" I ask, tears form in my eyes from his the state he's in.
          "Don't touch Harry when he's angry," he laughs and stops soon after, "ouch."
          "I'm sorry, don't laugh please," I smile down at him and help him up. Zayn puts his wait onto Harry’s car parked behind him. I look down at the black car and see blood smeared all over the hood.

           “That’s not my blood.” Zayn says answering my thoughts.

           “Whose blood is it?” I ask the most stupid question that I could possibly ask right now.

           “It’s Harry’s. I walked out here and saw him punching his car. I didn’t know he could get so angry, I’ve never seen him blow up like that before. Ever.” Zayn grabs the back of his neck and rubs it.

           “Did you get a clean hit on him?” I ask trying to lighten the mood, hiding my anger towards Harry.

          He just beat up his best friend. All Zayn was doing was walking outside to see if he was alright and in return he beats him up.

           “I got a really nice one on his cheek. Gonna leave a nice mark in the mornin’.” Zayn laughs and grabs his head.

           “Should I take you to the hospital?” I ask, nervous about his injuries.

           “Nah, I’m good. Just a few scrapes and cuts. Nothing too bad.” Zayn smiles and I roll my eyes at him.
          I look over to see Liam talking to Harry in a harsh tone, like a father to his son.
          "Let me drive you home," I say and Zayn nods. I lead him to my car; all of my memories from the past twenty minutes have vanished as I hurry to take Zayn to his house.
          "Thank you for doing this," he says looking at himself in the mirror.
          "No problem."
          The ride to his house was silent. I keep my eyes on the road and Zayn stares out the window. By the time we get to his house his eye is almost swollen shut.
          "I am so sorry," I say once more and Zayn shakes his head.
          "You've said that a million times already, but it's not your fault!" I shake my head and smile at him. I open my door and Zayn does that same, climbing out of the car.

           “I will go talk some sense into Harry once I get in my car, he can’t be doing this.” I run my fingers through my hair and rest my hands on my head.

           “You don’t have to… I think Liam already got it handled.” Zayn pulls out his keys and unlocks his front door and I nod.

           “Thank you again!”

           “Text or call me tonight or tomorrow.” I say and head back to my car. I get inside with the heat on high and I sit in the car for a good five minutes, just taking everything in. I have never seen a fight before; making it even worse was that it was with two of my friends… Well one of my friends.

          I pull out my phone and text Liam.

          *Call me when you can, I need to know what happened.*

          I slowly start to recall the events that happened before I saw Harry pounding on Zayn, I made-out with Louis. In front of his girlfriend, I am a terrible person.

          Who have I turned into?

          My phone beeps and I wait until I stop at a red light to read it.

          *Yeah, call you in 10?* Liam replies, I am about five minutes away from my house.

          *That’s fine.* I drive back to my house trying not to over think the situation.

          I reach my living room when Liam’s name pops up on my screen. I glance at my mom and walk upstairs.

           “Hello?” I say shutting my bedroom door, hoping my mom wouldn’t stop her show to follow me up here.

           “Hey, how are you?” Liam says and I can’t pick up his tone; it’s kind of weak and soft.

           “Fine, a little shaken up, but anyways did you find out what happened?” I sit down at the edge of my bed, and take off my heels.

           “Yeah…” Liam trails off.

           “And?” I ask anxiously.

           “Do you really want to hear?” Liam’s voice has a little bit of humor to it.

          I sigh and roll my eyes, “Yes, why would I be talking to you if I didn’t?”

          Liam chuckles, “Because you love talking to me.”

           “Liam.” I sternly say, hoping he gets the point.

           “Okay, okay, fine. He was upset about that whole plan. He was also drunk and anger always is amplified when you’re drunk…” Liam says and I start to worry a little more, “He was upset on how you and Louis had a full on make-out session.” I drop my phone and scramble to pick it up.

           “Morgan?” I hear the quiet voice of Liam, I grab my phone and tell him I am there.

          Liam takes in a deep breath, sighs and chuckles, “Harry likes you, a lot.”

*Harry’s POV*

          I feel like a complete ass, I just beat up my best friend over a girl that hates me. I took my anger out on him when I should’ve been beating up Niall. He was the idiot with this whole idea.

           “Harry?” A high, annoying pitched voice yells from behind me. I turn to see Hailey walking towards me. You have got to be shitting me. I roll my eyes, and wait for her to try and whore around with me.

           “Yes Hailey?” Hailey has bleached blonde hair, and brown eyes. To be honest her brown eyes look like shit and her blonde hair looks like bird shit it on her head. So that just makes her… shit. Her face is hot, she has a nice body but she has probably lost count on how many different guys she’s slept with. She wears a shirt that pretty much just covers her tits and shorts that to try and cover her vagina. Nothing much to it, if she could she would come naked.

           “What are you doing out here all alone?” She decides to be bold and straddles my lap. I try to push her off of me but she doesn’t budge. She just gives me a confused look.

           “What’s wrong?” She asks, trailing her hand down my chest to my stomach.

           “Not now Hailey,” I stand up and she crosses her arms in front of me.

           “What is wrong with you? Just yesterday you would’ve gladly banged me.” She face turns sour and she storms off, I sigh.

           “Hailey, wait.” I yell to her and she turns around.

           “Let’s go.” She smiles and runs to me jumping onto me. I carry her upstairs into one of the vacant bedrooms.  Not knowing how I actually feel about Morgan anymore, and what happened tonight, I might as well get my mind off of it with someone who actually wants me, even if it’s just because I’m great in bed.

          Only to clear your mind for a little while, my subconscious reminds me.

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