The Set Up (One Direction)

What kind of a school sets you up with someone? I mean honestly who does that! Well, one school apparently does, they think its better for the future. Everyone knows about the "Set Up" dance, anyone whos anyone knows about it. Every year all of the years take a 100 question questionnaire about themselves. The school pairs up people and they are forced to go to the biggest dance of the year. It can be anyone from any grade. Unfortunately for Morgan Greene, she has to struggle and deal with the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend for two years and having to be paired up with someone she hasn't met. Friends will test each other on different levels than ever expected.


13. Confession Time


      "Jump." Louis casually says pointing towards the blue liquid lit up by lights. My mouth drops in shock. I can feel the cool breeze through my sweater and I get slight chills as goose bumps start to rise on my arms. I shiver for reaction from the boys. But I receive nothing in return. Only to see looks on their faces I wouldn't want to ever see.

      "You want me... To jump into the pool... At 8 o'clock at night... In the middle of winter?" I bantered trying to indicate they're crazy.

      "Yeah, you didn't do the first dare so we decided on this." Zayn hums touching the water with his hand and flicks water from his fingers onto Niall.

      "What the hell was that for?" Niall wipes his face off from the wet droplets and lightly shoves Zayn. They both chuckle and bring their attention back to Louis as he glares towards the disruption.

      "Sorry man," Zayn and Niall both mutter in unison.

      "I have now lost my train of thought, thank you Niall," He holds out his hand to Niall and shakes his hand, "Thank you Zayn." He does the same movement to Zayn and returns to face me.

      The sliding door opens as we watched Harry exit towards the hallway.

      "You really want me to jump into the pool? That's all there is to it?" I question.

      "Yep, that's it." Louis promised. I shrug excited it wasn't a naughty dare.

      "Alright well, Tell me when."

      I bend down to take off my boots and hand my phone to Liam. I pull out my ponytail and unlatch my necklace also handing to Liam. I stroll over to the deep-end part of the pool and look at them shaking my head.

      "Harry went to grab a towel for you." Niall commented before I take the leap of faith into the freezing pool.

      I can feel the cold water through my clothes and my feet touch the bottom of the 9 foot deep pool. My eyes open to the shock of the chilled water I look around to almost be blinded by the bright underwater lights. I push off the bottom of the pool to surface.  It seems like ages before I reach the surface. Inhaling a large breath of air, I look around for the boys. They aren't anywhere. Oh shit, I'm screwed.

      I climb out of the pool into the frozen air. Shivering, I run towards the sliding glass. I pull on the handle, it doesn't budge. I peer into the room and see the boys sitting on the couch. They look over with sarcastic surprised looks on their faces. Harry walks up to the glass and points and the fabric lying on the ground along with a note. I questionably look up at Harry.

      Opening the note, it reads: There is only one way to the warm comfort of your house. All the back doors, side doors, front doors are locked and the garage is closed. I brought your towel and some dry clothes! Once you put that on we will let you in.

      So that is where Harry went. I should have known something was up. God why do I do this?

      I unfold the pile of clothing. A hot pink bra is lying on top; underneath it is a lace fringe crop top and booty shorts to top off the outfit.

      Stunned, I pound on the glass and hiss, "You better open this door right now."

      "What will you do? Call the cops?" Harry joked.

      "Yeah, I will!" I warned back.

      "With this?" Liam holds up my phone, shoot I gave it to him before I jumped in.

      "Fine, but you have to go into another room for me to change." I storm over to the grass area of the backyard to quickly change into the slutty outfit the perverted prince picked out for me.

      I wrap the towel around my chest and walk over to the door. Of course they are still sitting in the living room. I knock on the window again, and Louis walks over to me this time. He looks at the towel covering my body and shakes his head. I throw my free hand up.

      "I did what you asked now open this God damn door it's freezing." I furiously yell, only to amuse Louis and the rest of the boys.

      "Take off the towel." He boldly sassed at me.

       I drop the towel and instantly felt warmth heat my cheeks but the air froze my body.

       Louis smirked looking me up and down. He takes a deep breath and unlocks the door.

         I rush in walking past all of the boys straight to my room.

         Before I could escape to the safety of my room, a hand grabs my shoulder to stop me in my place.

       "Changing so soon?" The slow, raspy voice pondered. I snickered as I turn around to confront Harry.

      "Yeah, I would rather not flaunt my practically naked body to you sick boys." I throw my arm to release my shoulder from Harry's grip.

      "We're men actually." He protested staring at my almost revealed chest.

      "Eyes up here..." I use my hand to direct his attention to my face.

      "Please, don't change so soon. We were just starting to have some fun!" Harry groaned. His eyes open wide and his bottom lip is casted outward to try and change my mind.

      "No, I really must change for the good of my soul!" I insist and turn walking through my door. I turn facing Harry, who is standing on the opposite side of the door frame.

      "You're no fun." Harry crosses his arm and pouts.

      "Sorry darling, another time." My hand strokes his cheek and I shut the door in his face.

      "You know you really turned me on, right," Harry admitted through the door.

      "I have that effect on guys when I'm half naked." I chuck quietly to myself and change.

      I walk back out of my sanctuary and into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate.

      I feel a presence behind me and hands are placed on my hips as the body touches mine. I quickly shift my position and face Harry who is once again being irritating.

      "Oh c'mon you can't keep avoiding me; you know you love it when I touch you." Harry teased staring at my red cheeks. I shake my head in disapproval and push him off of me.

      "Why me?" I state without thinking.

      Harry gives me a puzzled look from my question, "What do you mean, love?"

      "Why was I your main target?" I ask taking the boiling water off of the stove and pour it into my cup filled with chocolate powder.

      He chuckled and nodded his head, "Well, when I first saw you... I thought you were stunning," My body fills up with mixed emotions and butterflies fly around in my stomach, "I saw you being so bold while you sat in the office chair with your beautiful brown hair cascading down your face and shoulders as you wore an outfit that wasn't the uniform. You instantly caught my attention. I knew I wanted you. I wanted you bad." He finished with a smolder on his face watching my expression from his little short story. I wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic or not.

      "Wow, that was the first time I had someone call me stunning," I mumble instantly cover my mouth, not understanding what I just said.

      A huge smile grows on his face as he moves in closer. I take a step back with each of his steps until I back all the way into the pantry. He continues to pursue me like his prey. My heart starts to pound against my chest. His arms are placed firmly above my head and his face is lowered to my level.

      "I don't understand how that's possible, you are absolutely stunning, and I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful." He tried to seduce me with his deep, raspy tone whispering into my ear with his minty breath.

      I turn my face away from his; my face has never been so red before. This is so embarrassing. I lower my body and escape from Harry. I slide out from under him and departed away from him. He smirked as I had no reply to his words.

      I stroll into the living room as casually as I could, controlling my breathing from my recent encounter with Harry. The boys were chatting amongst themselves as they watched a sports game that was on.

      "Happy?" I interrupt them and they all turn to me with an awkward look on their face as if they were just talking about me.

      Harry trudges back in the room to make his presence known and sits on the recliner, smirking at me. I roll my eyes and directed my attention to the other boys.

      "You could've shown off your chosen outfit a bit more but we got a good look anyways," Zayn assured.

      "Why did you guys make me do that?!" I ask.

      "Why do you have so many questions?" Harry proposed and I can feel myself become uncomfortable.

      "That was the first question she asked." Niall corrected Harry's observation.

       "Not for me, she asked me a question in the kitchen."

       "She did?" Niall muttered under his breath.

       "What was it?" Louis added, playing with the fringe on the pillow.

       "It doesn't matter, boys." Harry smiles resting his head against the back of the chair and leans back.

       Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall looked at me with a questioning look, the wondered what I asked. They eventually shook it off when I shrugged at them. The tension in the air grew fast.

       "How long you guys staying?" I complain.

       "As long as we want. Why are you in a hurry to get us out of here?" Liam babbled.

       "Yeah, err... my mom won't be too happy when she gets home and there are five guys in her living room."

       "Fine, we'll go. Thanks for tonight, Morgan. It was great fun." Louis walks past me towards the door, smiling to himself. The rest of the boys follow him out in a swarm, like Louis was the king and they were the peasants. They all hug and thank me.

      Once all the boys were gone, I collapse onto the couch. Emotions fill my head.

      Niall, that is who I can’t stop thinking about right now. Should I talk to him? I really don't know what to do. I look at the glowing numbers on the clock, sighing I stand up and grab my keys. I turn the handle of my garage door and start up my car, as I enter through the car door I look for an address on my phone.

      I start to drive to my wanted destination. Not knowing what to say to this person is scaring me quite a bit. I finally reach the house I wanted to go to, I hop out of my big car and walk up to the large French doors towering over my height.

      I take a deep breath and knock on the door.

      A hear a click of the door and the door swings open.

      Harry appeared in the door way with a huge smile on his face.

      "Well, speak of the Devil. I was just thinking about you. Please come in!" He gestures me inside and I accept his request.

      "I'm not here to hook up with you or anything. I need to talk to you about something." I remind him.

      "Oh darn. Well I am glad you came to me for advice, how can I help?" He smirks not leaving any space in between us.

      "I noticed tonight how close you were with Niall and you two seem the closest out of everyone," I mutter as his green eyes stare at me, "Did he actually spread those rumors about us?"

      "Well, here's a funny story..." He trails off and laughs to himself. My heart starts to pound and my palms begin to sweat.

      "Harry," I finally say when he doesn't say anything. He looks at me and smirks, his dimples appearing on his cheeks.

      "Okay, me and Niall were just joking around he told me about you two hanging out at your house, alone, and then I told this kid walking by 'Hey Niall got laid.' The kid actually took it seriously even though Niall and I were chuckling about it, then..." Harry holds his breath as my face turns to anger.

      "How could you?!" I scream at Harry almost letting tears stream down my face.

      "Morgan, it's no big deal. I-"

      Cutting Harry off I abruptly stand up and use the couch to brace myself, "Harry, you need to tell everyone that me and Niall didn't have sex! You started this now you have to end it! I need to go and talk to Niall." I grab my purse and walk towards the front door.

      "Morgan, listen to me. I will fix it I promise." He looks at me with an apologetic face and I turn to him.

      "You better." I slam the door behind me and storm into my car. I start to drive to Niall's house, needing to apologize to him and clear things up.

      I almost hit a car with my furious demeanor on the road; I start to Road Rage as I swerve in and out of the slow moving traffic.

      My phone starts to ring as I pull onto the street of Niall's neighborhood.

      "What?" I snap.

      "Morgan, where are you?" My worried mother speaks, sniffling once in a while.

      "I need to clear things up with Niall. I will be home soon." I softly speak to calm myself down.

      "Text me next time you leave! Morgan I was so scared something happened to you!" My mother starts to cry as I suddenly become upset.

      "Mom, I know I'm sorry. It just came up! I’ll call you soon!" I turn into his driveway and climb out of my car quickly. I rush up his steps and knock on the door.

      The door opens slightly and Niall peers around the corner at me with a worried look.

      "I'm not mad, I need to apologize."

      "Now isn't a good time Morgan." He hinted.

      "It won't take long, can I come in?" I ask as he shakes his head.

      "No, like I said before, it isn’t a good time right now. Tomorrow we can talk. I'll call you later to-" Niall is cut off by a high pitch voice giggling.

      "Niall, baby who are you talking to?" A short, black haired, tanned girl stands next to Niall wearing his T-Shirt and boxers; Niall bows his head in shame.

      "Who's this?" The girl chomps on her gum obnoxiously and looks me up and down.

      "Sophia, go upstairs please. I will be there in a minute." He instructs her, she listens to him and walks back upstairs.

      "Don't keep me waiting too long Nialler." She bounces up the stairs into his room.

      "I'm sorry, I should go." My chest feels tight as I turn around and walk down the steps.

      "Morgan, I'm sorry." He embarrassingly says punching the wall of his house while I climb into my car.

      I drive off with tears in my eyes. I pull around the corner and up to a curb. I start to ball my eyes out at what I just witnessed. I notice the feels I had for Niall, the feeling that's were buried deep inside of my thoughts. I have never felt so hurt in my entire life. It feels like my heart in ripping apart in my body. I rest my head on the stirring wheel and cry.


{Hi everyone! I am so happy with this chapter! Well anyways I have school starting tomorrow and I will be writing more often because I like to waste time after school! I will have a schedule to write as much as I can to improve my writing skills! ALSO if you haven't checked out my other movella "Just A Dream" can you please do so? I am co-writing it with the author of Slave Auction, Rileyes! It would mean so much to us because we are posting a chapter tonight! And also Rileyes has posted her sequel to Slave Auction, its: Slave Auction 2: The Boy's Story! Please like and favorite both of those movellas! It would mean so much! Love you all!}

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