Back for you.

Gen Holmes never thought they would meet again. Harry forgot. she remembered. Will he ever come back? Read to find out...


1. I Promise.

Gens POV:I remember those good days.the days before he left.the days before he had his dream set on his mind. the days before he dared to chase it. but when he called and said he had made it to bootcamp, I knew i had lost my curly haired prince forever.

my name is gen holmes. i live in holmes chapel cheshire england. ironic right? so basically ive lived here all my life and im 19 now so thats a longtime! nothing much fun happens here. well somthing did until harry left. i never thought i could love someone so much untill he left. it took me too long to realise t though. and once i had finally figurd it out, he was gone. i will never forgive myself. not until i see him again. since nothing happens here, i moved to london. i live here and i work in a coffee shop called " sues" it was harrys favorite place to come besides our bakery. I miss him alot.

Harrys POV: I finally get to tour London! ive always wanted to! when we arrived we had the day to ourselves so we ook eachother to ur favorite places. After going everywhere, it was finally time to go to my special place. I hopped in the van with the boys and told the driver where to go.

Gens POV: I threw on my aprn and walked behind the counter. I have the late shift and I hate it.Im always so tired! but i get paid so whatever. i glace at myself in the mirror and sigh. my special necklace dangles from my neck. I pull it off and read the inscription on the back. the necklace is in the shape of an infinity sign. if you turn it over it says "I promise- Haz" I was almost in tears (yet again) so I put it back on and stood up. I served a few people and got out my phone. I checked twitter. Nothing interesting. I texted my bestie Karoline and sat waiting for her response.



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