Back for you.

Gen Holmes never thought they would meet again. Harry forgot. she remembered. Will he ever come back? Read to find out...


2. Here we go again.

I heard the bell ring to the shop door. I retied my apron and turned around. what I saw shocked me. I couldnt take it. he smiled at me and I just lost it. I ran out crying. I didnt stop. I felt his firm hand grab my shoulder. i looked at the ground. i slowly looked up at him and mumbled "hi." and he smiled the looked at my necklace and frowned. "hey! i had a necklace just like that but i gave it to my best friend when i was..." he studied my face. he gasped. "Gen? is that really you?" all i could do was nod. he smiled realy big and tried to hug me. i shrieked and tensed up. "whats wrong?" he asked. i just totally (yet again) lost it. I started yelling "oh so now you think that because youre so famous and such you can just all of the sudden remember and ill forgive you? well welcome to reality! I wont put up with guys who say they promise to text and call me every day, then never do, then change their freakin number! and anyway im not even worth it..." i said dropping the last part. i startd walking back towards the shop when he pulled me around and smashed his lips against mine. i froze. i had been waiting for this moment all my life and now that it was here, i just didnt want it. i pulled away and he smiled. "thats what Louis told me to do if a girl talks bad about herself... and you were." i tried not to smle. i cant have him thinking im tha easy. i took a deep breath andsaid '' Sorry but its gonna take alot more than a kiss to make up all the days i was alone." he had a confused look on his face. i walked bck towards the shop and he stood there like a lost puppy. i rolled my eyes and went back and took his hand "lets go curly." i said. he followed without a hesitation, like his owner finally led him home.

***************A/N******* hey Guys! thanks for reading this. I already have written the whole book but neve got the time to read it. PS Louis and Zayn are gonna need girlfriends so those spots are up for grabs! just like comment and favorite! thanks, Me:) ill tell you my name once we get more reads... also i am writing a new book called X marks the spot. i hope you like that one! haha ok bye my lovlies!

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