Extra Cheesy {One Direction Fan-Fic}

"People want something they could never believe. Something they are forced to watch because they have nothing better to do. They want something the could never understand because it is above AND below them" "I would disagree" "Then how would you say it?" "I would say...They like it extra cheesy"


2. Zayn Malik, Who?

   It's close to noon, and the heat outside seems to be seeping through the walls, into the shoe store. Thats right, I work at a shoe store. Not the most desirable job on the planet, but when you get a salary of 13$ an hour, you'll do what you gotta do.

  Its quite today, kids are at school and adults are at work. Amanda, Jesse, Caden, and I are the only employees here today. The Boss knows that week-days are boring, so of course he picks the youngest workers to suffer. Jesse and Amanda stack shoes, while Caden tries on sunglasses and jewelry. "Dont play with those, you gay mother-efer" Amanda says, Caden sets down the glasses and removes the jewelry. "Sorry queen bitch-anda." Jesse laughs at Caden's remark as he sets down  yet another shoe box. I sit at the reister, my face chin in my palms, staring off into the distance. "Whats wrong with you, Nay?" Amanda asks as she wipes the sweat on her forehead. "Just tired  You guys finished with the shoes yet?" I ask them. As assistant maneger of the only Payless Shoestore in Flagstaff, AZ, nobody cares when I zone out. I guess I dont either anymore.

  Jesse walks over, "So, when you get bored, what even goes through your mind?" he laughs, he takes off his name tag and his hat. "Nothing...I just think about sleeping, I guess." I tell him. Jesse nods and turns to thje corner of the store. He lifts up his 'Payless Shoestore Employee' shirt and quickly takes it off, putting on a sweatshirt. "Jesse! You have to remember Amanda has never seen a naked male before....Remember, shes a...virgin" Caden says, whispering that last word. Amanda nods sarcastically and walks into the back room. "Kay, im checking out for my break. You want anything, guys?" Jesse asks, he gives me his card, I stamp it, and hand it back. "Can you get me a soda?" Caden asks. "I WANT A FRIES! AND A SODA!" Amanda yells from the back room. "MCDONALDS FRIES GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR THIGHS!" Caden yells to Amanda. She walks out, "Pfft, your telling me."

  "Anything for you, Nay?" Jesse asks as he opens the door. "No....Thanks" I drift off as I get distracted. 4 very good looking boys walk in with sunglasses and jackets. Jesse steps aside for them to walk in. One looks like Mick Jagger, one has a buzz cut slowly growing in, another has ruffled quiff, and finally, a blonde/brunette with a pompadour.  

 "Welcome to Payless," Amanda smiles. Caden turns back to his sunglass rack, while Jesse stays by the door, interested. "Hi, we are looking for Nayeli Hosten.." Says the Mick Jagger look-alike. "Thats me" I speak up. "Hi, Im Louis, this is Harry, Liam, and Niall. From One Direction."

 Mhmmmm, British. 

"Nice to meet you. One direction...That sounds familiar " Amanda cuts in. I personally had no idea, but by the looks of it, its a band. "Were a boy-band, we are missing another member...Thats why we are here, actually." says the buzz cut guy. "We are here to make a proposal for Nayeli." he says again. "Lets hear it" I say, leaning over the counter to get a better look at them. "Do you know Zayn...Zayn Malik?" Says 'Louis'. 

  Zain...Zain...The name sounds familiar  "You used to go to school with him. He has tan skin, dark hair, brown eyes...?" Louis. I slowly nod. I do remember Zain. Oh wait- Zayn. 

 I rember now; Zayn was always the quiet, mysterious  student. I never talked to him, he was quiet good looking though. He never had many friends (unlike me, I had plenty.) I remeber he just left school one day, and never returned. I thought he might have moved, but I never asked about him...He always had something against me. It could have been the fact that I hated him... He thought he was too great for everybody. He would ignore me in the halls and in class, he would just stare in disgust at me. I never knew what I had done...But when somebody hates me, I hate them. 

 "Mhm...I mean, yeah." I tell them. "We have been having problems with Zayn being...Un-put-together. We thought if he had a girlfriend it would be better for his appearance  It wouldn't be real...It would be temporary until he finds somebody. You would get paid, too." says the Mick Jagger one. 

 I personally don't think Zayn would be too thrilled to see me considering I used to see him everyday and his reactions never improved. Maybe I was just another popular girl to him. He was just another shy boy to me. The blonde one pulls out his phone and hands it to me. On the screen is a young man, a ruffled pompadour  jean jack, black shirt, a unshaven chin, red eyes, messy. "Is this him?" I ask, astonished. I now imagined dating him, he does look good (If he didn't have such a scary appearance  and being paid fro dating a hot guy would not be so bad. But of all boys, all celeberitys, all girls, all teenagers, why him and I?

  "Why did you think I would do it?" I ask, handing the blonde one back his phone. "We asked his mum; she said you were in his classes since you both were young. She said you were responsible and nice, that you were the only girl she had every remembered Zayn ever talking about" said the buzz cut one. I nod. 

  "Please? To help him, for the sake of saving somebody from bulling, and everything bad he is doing now?" Louis asks. 

 "I'll do it. But on one condition; I must not be known as the fan that dated him for fame. I must not be attacked by critics. And finally, Zayn needs to know about this and approve of it. I don't even think he remembers me, but if you guys are so sure..." I drift off. The boys look at eachother. "We have not exactly told Zayn our plans yet...We told him the idea of getting him a girlfriend, but he said he is fine."

  "You guys can tell him. I'm not going to. He would never agree to it, anyways." I say.

 "Thats why we have a plan. First, we will tell Zayn the idea of a fake girlfriend, you know, but we wont tell him its you. If he says no...Well, we need you. You would have to make Zayn like you again, he'll take you on a date, you'll convince him to be better, he will, and then you can dump him." says Mick Jagger. "What?! Thats evil and twisted! He ended up like this because his girlfriend dumped him in the first place! Dumping him again wont help!" I protest. Just as I was thinking about how much this would help him....

  "Please! We are begging you. You might even like him" They say. "I'll only do it if its fake and he knows it" I say stubbornly. The boys look at eachother, "Got it."

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