Extra Cheesy {One Direction Fan-Fic}

"People want something they could never believe. Something they are forced to watch because they have nothing better to do. They want something the could never understand because it is above AND below them" "I would disagree" "Then how would you say it?" "I would say...They like it extra cheesy"


1. Coming Soon



  When teen popstar and boy band member Zayn Malik goes single and starts to get caught drunk in interviews and tired in performances, the One Direction boys are set on getting back his quiet and peaceful appearance. In order to make Zayn seem once again calm and happy to the public, they decide to find him a girlfriend. Nayeli Hoston, a old friend of Zayn, seems to make the requirement, so the boys send out to get her. Nayeli hates Zayn, but is nice enough to try and help him regain his profile. But if the fake couple is going to convince the world they are truly in love, they must make things extra cheesy.

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