Keep holding on

This story is about a girl, who was about to end it....But got saved.


8. Chapter 8

Louis walked in and hugged me, "Hey love, Do you wanna go see Niall in the hospital, I phoned and they said they he was ready for visters." I shook my head yes, then we all ran to the car. We arrivied at the hospital and the nurse said "It may take him awhile to wake up,But feel free to wait around in there tell he does" she says softly. We all walked in around his bed, My eyes went glassy as they filled with a ocean of tears, a held his hand, it was so warm. I held his hand for a good two hours, I wasn't going to leave until he woke up, I put my head down and continued to cry, then I heard a voice say "Don't cry lovely," I look up slowly...It was Niall! "NIALL" i yelled wrapping him in my arms and giving him a kiss on the lips, "I'm so sorry, If you never met me, if you just let me walk off that edge you wouldn't be here right now its my fault-" he shut me up with a kiss then looked me in the eyes, "Erica, If you died that day, I would of died, I loved you since I saw you, I loved everything about you, from your long wavy golden brown hair down to your stubby cute little toes, I love every little thing about you, I love your voice, your laugh your smile, everything . I love you Erica, and all your little things,"  The were in the waiting room so me and Niall could have some alone time, " Lay next to me Erica?" he said smiling " I can't, I don't want to hurt your cut" Niall just smiled and said "if anything you laying next to me would make me feel better."He moved over and I layded next to him and cried, "Whats from beautiful?" he said confused, " Its just that ...You deserve so much better then me, I'm fat, Ugly , Stupid, and - " He stopped me with a kiss, "You're perfect to me, if only you saw what I could see, maybe you would understand, I can't even put it in words, " He said smiling with tears in his eyes "please don't say that about yourself darling" He layed there singing to me , for only about 3 minutes, He sang one of his bands song called little things. When he finished he looked at me and kissed me on my lips and said "Every single word in that song, described you, I love you so much" he kissed me again, I felt so loved, for once in my life. He made me feel wanted, I never thought anyone would want me.

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