Keep holding on

This story is about a girl, who was about to end it....But got saved.


6. Chapter 6

ERICAS VOV: I woke up and I saw Niall laying next to me, It was the best feeling ever. I was up, But I didn't wanna get out of the bed, I could stay like that forever. But there's not such thing as "forever". Suddenly I saw the door open, In came the boys! "GOOOD MORNINGG SUNSHINES" louis said in  a girly voice really loud. "TIME TO GET UP" harry said with a big smile on his face "Get out!" Niall said still very tired. "It's 11am!" Liam shouted then all of a sudden someone hit me with a pillow, it was Zayn. Niall and I just giggled and put out head in the pillows annoying them, They started jumping up and down on the bed screaming words I couldn't understand. Louis left the room and returned with a big bucket of water and dumped it all over Niall . I jumped out of bed, I fell to the floor laughing , Niall jumped out of bed and chased Louis around the house for a good 10mins. Then we all went out for breakfast. 

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