Keep holding on

This story is about a girl, who was about to end it....But got saved.


5. Chapter 5

NIALLS VOV: She looked so beautiful, even in a baggy shirt . "So I guess you can have the bed and I can take the sofa bed." "Why? It's your room. I'll take the couch ."  She stood up and began walking towards the sofa bed. "Oh no you're not, You had a tuff night, and the sofa bed is kinda uncomfortable" "Exactly! thats why you're getting the bed"  We argued for about a good 10 mins. "Look, its a queen sized bed, we can both fit" She padded the spot next to her, I walked over and we just laid together, Should I make a move? no not yet . its to soon, she had a hard night im sure that she wouldn't like it at all, all of a sudden she rapped her arms around me, I did it back to her, and we fell into a peaceful sleep. I could of stayed like that forever.

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