Keep holding on

This story is about a girl, who was about to end it....But got saved.


3. Chapter 3

I went to my locker to get my back pack and begin walking, When I hear someone scream my name "ERICA!" I turn around and see Niall and the four boys running towards me. "Erica! wanna come to Harry's house tonight?" "I'm sorry boys, But I have to go straight home." Niall looks at me confused, "It's a weekend!" as much I wanted to, I can't. I don't want to get it worse by going home late. "I'm sorry Niall" I began walking. "Erica, its raining out. At least let me drive you home!" "No, really its fine" "I want to!" he reply's , I just look at him and continue walking, All of a sudden I feel my self being lifted over someone's sholders "NIALL!" I hear him laugh as he carry's me to his car, He puts me in the passenger seat and buckles me in, He begins to drive, "Where do you live love?" "420 princeton" He pulled over and before I hoped out he grapped my arm and handed me a piece of paper "Call me if you change your mind"  I smiled and said "will do" I wan in my house and tried going up stairs to put my stuff away I feel my self get pulled back and slammed on the floor " I let out a scream, Dave was just curing words I couldn't understand, How can I perfect day end like this?!  I think to my self, i feel his hand go up my shirt and, well you know what happened from there. I woke up on the floor , Dave no where in sight, Thoughts of suicide ran though my head, I ran to my room and pulled out my razor blade, I began to cut, again. Suddenly my door slammed open "YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT."  my heart stopped knowing that he saw ... "WHY CUT WHEN YOU CAN JUST GO KILL YOURSELF?!" I started bawling my eyes out , as I ran out the door bare foot in my bedtime boxers and tank , I ran as fast I could to a tree house by the park, I quickly died a rope to the top and the other to my neck, I could hardly breathe, "I'm sorry, I don't know what im sorry but im sorry!" I shouted . I was about to take a step off the roof when I head a deep voice yell "STOP PLEASE STOP!" I turned around and saw Niall running towards me , He ran up into the tree fort, I was about to jump but he pulled me in , we both fell on the ground of the tree fort. I was screaming and crying , " WHY DIDN'T YOU LET ME END IT?!" I felt him crying , he wasn't letting go of me, "Erica, Never scare me like that again, you have so much to live for!" he could hardly breathe. 

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