Keep holding on

This story is about a girl, who was about to end it....But got saved.


2. Chapter 2

"I TOLD YOU TO STOP" I look up and I see this blonde irish boy, with blue eyes. He looks down at me and picks me up. "Are you okay?!" I just smiled to try to hide back the tears and said " yea I'm fine, I'm used to it." "YOU'RE USED TO IT?" he replied, "how can a beautiful girl like you get hurt everyday like that? " I giggled at the thought of him thinking im beautiful, He probably just feels sorry for me.. "I'm Niall by the way" he says with the most adorable smile ive ever seen. "and you are??" waiting for my name, i say shyly "I'm Erica." He smiles and then askes me "have you gotten your times table yet?" "No, I can't find the office, this schools so big" he giggles, "yea, well come with me, ill show you" he walks with me to the office and waits outside for me, I come out with my times table and he automatically takes it from my hands. "Were in all the same classes!" He looks at me with the biggest smile across his face, " come on lets go! first class is we have is art." we walk together, he can't stop talking, But I don't mind, I love his cute Irish accent . We arrive in class and everyone takes there seats. "Class we have a new student today, Her name is Erica, Erica would you come up and say hello to everyone?" the teacher says with a smile. I slowly walk to the front shaking, "Hello". "does anyone have any questions for Erica?" about 7 hands shot up . "yes, Sean" He starts to giggle"What planet are you from?" Why does this kid enjoy hurting me? i thought to my self, In embarrassement I responded quickly "I'm from earth, you?" The whole class started laughing, as I walked back to my seat next to Niall, he taps me and hands me a note that read 'Hey wanna have lunch with me and the lads?' I look at him and nodded yes. The bell rings and we walk side by side to the cafe. As we approach a table with four other boys at it . "Erica this is Zayn , Harry, Louis , & Liam" they all smiled and waved at me, They were all so attractive, but I still Favorited Niall. We ate lunch together and went back to our classes. It came to the end of the day. The last bell rang.

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