Keep holding on

This story is about a girl, who was about to end it....But got saved.


10. Chapter 10

We arrived at the beach house, When we got there it was already late. So we all just sat around the fire place inside, we all I blankets , I of course was sharing with Niall. "So what do you guys wanna do?" Liam smiled, Zayn just smiled and yelled "LETS PLAY A GAME!" I just giggled , "what game?" "TRUTH OR DARE" Louis said screaming really loud, "okay" I giggled. "Truth or dare Harry" louis said with a smirk . "Dare" "I dare you Erica!" we all started laughing, except for Niall, He looked pretty angry. Harry leaned in and pulled me in, and kissed me, he slowly backed away smiling, we couldn't keep our eyes off each other.

HARRYS P.O.V: I just kiss Erica, and it felt so right, I wish I could make her mine, But I can't. I'm hurt I can't have her, Niall was so lucky . I'm going to make her mine, I mind slapped my self...Its my mates girlfriend. What am I thinking, Me and her can never be.

NIALLS POV: It bothers me that Harry and Erica kissed, everyone can kinda tell that he likes her, I mean who wouldn't? she's beautiful. I'm blessed I got someone as good as her, I never want anyone to take her away. Ever.

"Truth or Dare Niall" Harry asked with a smile, "dare" "I dare you to kiss Liam!" I just quickly pecked Liam on the lips, as it was my turn I was still kinda stressed about what just happened. "Truth or dare Harry?" "umm Truth" he said waiting for my question, "Do you like Erica? more then a friend?" I said giving him a dirty look, Harry looked at me kinda scared, "Never mind, Dare." "I dare you to tell us all exactly how you feel about Erica" Harry just looked at me " Exactly how I feel?" "yea, come on harry tell us." Harry looked over at Erica and started talking "Well, I think she's the most beautiful girl in the world, She's funny, smart, caring, I dont know exactly, But she has the most amazing personality a girl could ever have, She's the full package, She's beautiful inside and out. I like her, alot. Words can't describe her, But the closest word that can suit her is perfect. She's perfect. and I think I might love her" 

Every one just stared. I got up, holding in all my tears and ran out.

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