Keep holding on

This story is about a girl, who was about to end it....But got saved.


1. Chapter 1

"Erica! GET DOWN HERE NOW ." I walk down the stairs shaking "yes Dave?" I get thrown against the wall , I can feel his hands feel up my shirt, I can feel a ocean of tears behind me eyes, But refuse to cry. I didn't want to look week, when he finishes he says "I love you , Say you love me Erica" I refuse to say it, he puches me in the stomach as I fall to the floor he spits at me , and tells me how pathetic I am. As he leaves the house for work he yells "straight home after school! its going to be a stressful day ." I think to myself "Not as stressful as mine everyday." I began walking to my new school , It's raining outside, It's so beautiful. All of a sudden I feel my self get pushed, I look up and see this big boy with hair that looks like a poodle, I realize it was Sean Scott from my old school , I'm surprised to see him, all of a sudden I feel a heaven foot hit my stomach I feel it ,as he continues kicking i just lay there screaming taking it. I hear a unfamiliar voice yell "HEY! STOP THAT!" Sean looks up and just laughs . Next thing I know I look up and see him on the floor, I think to my self "how did this happen?" 

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