Chalk Outline

Kate feels guilty but she won't tell anyone that doesn't already know. But can Kate live with her guilt and keep running from her problems.


2. Dream

  I was in the ally on Spruce street, with my brother Nick and his friends Johnny, Markus and Sammy. We had been through a lot together taking on our parents mess. We thought we’d found a way out but the Bullet gang takes there name seriously they like to use Bullets and they are always out for blood. 

  Nick, Johnny, Markus, Sammy and I had become like family, we had stuck together through the very hardest times. We heard footsteps coming around the corner and immediately our plan went wrong. We hadn’t been expecting the leader of the bullet gang to show up and he more than the others craved blood.

  When the bullet gang wouldn’t listen to our pled my real brother Nick whispered to the rest of us to run. The second we got the chance we bolted. I thought my brother was behind me, but when we heard the gun shot there was no sign of my brother.

  Johnny stopped me from going back not knowing if the bullet gang were still there, we all walked away leaving my brother behind.  

   That’s when I woke up to my empty cold room in my foster home. My foster parents aren’t mean but there not the nurturing parental type, there the kind of people who can stand kids and need the money from the government. It helps that there not all that into building in a family it makes it easier for me not to talk about my past a.k.a my dream.

  When I was sent to live with Joe and Sally Kuthburg my foster parents, I had to go to a new school where I made the decision to keep to my-self.

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