They Don't Know About Us ~Niall Horan~

"I don't care what they say." Niall said, taking my hand. "I won't let anybody hurt you. Ever. I promise. I love you. You're my everything babe. I can't live without you. I won't."
I my head on his shoulder as a tear fell from my eye. "I love you too." I said softly. "Thank you."


3. He's Home!

"NIALLER!" I shrieked, opening the front door. He laughed and hugged me tightly. "You're home!" I said, burying my face in his shoulder as he lifted me up.    


Niall set me down and stepped back. "Man, you've grown up!" He said.   


"Well, I'm 13! You left for America 3 years ago!" I said.   


"Yeah but…" He started.   


My mum walked into the foyer. "Is this my little Niall Horan?!" She asked excitedly.   


"Yes ma'am!" Niall said, hugging her.   


They broke the hug. "You've gotten taller little leprechaun!" I said.   


My dad entered. "Niall!" He said.   


"Mr. James." Niall repeated.   


"Will, please." Dad said. Niall laughed as he shook my dad's hand.   


"Well it was nice seeing y'all, but I should probably get going now." Niall said.   


"Where are you going?" I asked. "I thought you went to America because Greg went to college and your parents didn't want to be away from him." I said.   


"Well I was going to stay with my uncle." Niall said.   


"Non sense!" Dad said. "You've always been part of this family. Stay here."  


"Oh that's too much to ask." Niall said.   


"Shut up please? And just say yes." I asked.   


"Kristen, language." Mum said. I rolled my eyes.   


"Okay. I'll stay." Niall said. I cheered a little and hugged him again. I grabbed Niall's hand and pulled him into the house. Niall grabbed his backpack and duffel. I picked up his guitar case and other duffel. Niall reached over and took his guitar from me.   


"Don't trust me with your 'baby'?" I asked.   


"I was trying to be a gentleman." He responded.   


"Oh." I said, flushing with embarrassment.   


"And I don't trust you with my baby." Niall joked, nudging my arm. I laughed, slapped his arm, and pushed him up the stairs. I heard my mum chuckle at us as she shut the front door.   


We headed down the hall to my room. "I guess you stay in my room. Dad made Jack's room into an office for him and Dan's room into an office for mum." I said. Jack and Dan are my brothers. Niall nodded softly and set his bags down on the ground.   


"When did they move out?" Niall asked, referring to my brothers.   


"Jack moved shortly after you. He moved to England with his finance. Dan went off to college in Australia." I said.   


Niall nodded. He sat down on my bed. I sat next to him. An awkward silence fell upon us. Minutes passed.   


Niall finally broke it by saying, "You still play football?" (To Americans, he was referring to soccer.)  


"Sorta. When my friends come over. But I'm a little rusty." I said.   


"Me too. They don't really play it over in American. Mostly baseball and basketball over there." Niall said.   


"So you haven't played in 3 years?!" I gasped. Soccer was Niall's life. "I can't imagine a world where Niall James Horan doesn't play football!"   


"Ha ha ha." He said. "I played a couple times."  


"I still have your net set up out back. Wanna go play?" I asked.   


Niall let a grin spread across his face. "You're on James."    


"Then lets go Horan!" I said, pushing Niall over on my bed. I hopped up and took off running downstairs. Niall was quick behind me. I pushed open the back door and Niall followed right behind me.   


"Ground's soft today. It will ruin our shoes." I sat down on the stoop outside and flipped off my shoes and socks. Niall did the same.   


I hopped up, grabbing Niall's hands. I pulled him. Jogging across the yard, I reached the ball. Juggling it between my feet, I passed it to Niall with a quick kick. He jumped up in the air.  


"Pay attention America!" I yelled at him.   


Niall smirked and chased the ball. He passed it back to me. I caught it with no problem. We passed it for an hour. Water fell from the sky. Rain poured out over our faces.   


Niall ran up behind me and scooped me up. He bear hugged his arms over mine. I kicked his leg softly. Niall's plain white tee was so soaked, you could see right through it. He had muscles. Like a lot of muscles. I wiped a drop of ran out of my eye and tried to push the thought of Niall's muscles out of my brain.

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