They Don't Know About Us ~Niall Horan~

"I don't care what they say." Niall said, taking my hand. "I won't let anybody hurt you. Ever. I promise. I love you. You're my everything babe. I can't live without you. I won't."
I my head on his shoulder as a tear fell from my eye. "I love you too." I said softly. "Thank you."


4. Great To Have You Back

After playing in the rain, I headed upstairs to shower. Niall sat in the kitchen, wrapped in a towel, talking to my mum. I stepped into the bathroom, turning on the water. I tested it.   


"Ooh, way cold!" I said. After adjusting the temperature to my liking, I stepped in. I washed my soft golden blonde hair with strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner. I took some coconut body wash and started to scrub down. After I finished washing, I flicked off the water and stepped out. I dried off with my favorite fluffy blue towel.   


I picked up my bathrobe and tied it on me. I walked downstairs. My mum and Niall sat at the table, talking and laughing.   


"Honey!" My mum said, taking a bite of bread. "Niall made spaghetti. There's a pot on the stove if you're hungry."   


I nodded and grabbed a bowl. I filled it with the squishy noodles and the red sauce. Grabbing a fork, I sat down next to Niall. I twirled the noddles onto my fork and put it in my mouth.   


"Wow. Nialler this is amazing!" I said between mouthfuls. He laughed. I finished my first bowl quickly and went back for seconds. I sat and listened and ate as Niall shared stories about America. After I put down three bowls of Niall's delicious spaghetti, I headed back upstairs.   


Niall followed me up to my room. "You can go shower now if you want." I offered. He nodded and walked off to the shower. I removed my bathrobe and dressed in pajamas. I laid on my bed, playing on my phone. I closed my eyes, and replayed the whole day. Everything was so wonderful once Niall came back.   


It was nice my parents let him stay. If it was any one else, they would of said no. I love my mum and dad, but they are crazy over protective. You ask why they're so crazy when it comes to this stuff? For starters, Niall is a boy. A boy that is 16. He has control and power over me because of that, my parents think. They don't understand that Niall is a full grown teenager, but he's only 5'7. I'm easily 5'5. He's tiny.   


I opened my eyes. The soft tap of the rain on the roof was a soothing sound for me. I heard a singing down the hall. Following the sound, I stopped outside the bathroom. Niall was singing. "Niall can sing?" I asked myself out loud. I heard the water turn off but the singing continued. I listened closely, pressing my ear against the door. Niall's singing turned into humming as he opened the door.    All my weight was leaned against the door. As he opened it in, I fell into his soft, muscular arms.

I looked up at Niall. He laughed softly to himself, pushing me back up to my feet. "Smooth move slick." He said, as he walked past me. I giggled a little, as my face flushed red with embarrassment. I just fell on my best friend's half-naked body. The door to my bed room shut.   


A couple minutes later, my door opened. Niall leaned against the wall wearing a Notre Dame Fighting Irish sweatshirt and black basketball shorts. I walked back into my room. Niall stretched out on my bed after he pulled down the blankets. I switched on my tv and started looking in the bookcase. 


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