They Don't Know About Us ~Niall Horan~

"I don't care what they say." Niall said, taking my hand. "I won't let anybody hurt you. Ever. I promise. I love you. You're my everything babe. I can't live without you. I won't."
I my head on his shoulder as a tear fell from my eye. "I love you too." I said softly. "Thank you."


2. Flashback


"NIALL!" I yelled as 5 year old me chased the little blonde boy around the yard. Niall was my neighbor, my best friend, and my brother from another mother. But he was also 3 years older than me. 


"You can't catch me!" He taunted. I sprinted across the yard at full speed. Niall was too busy sticking his tongue out, he didn't even see me coming. I stuck out my arms and gripped them around Niall's waist as I pulled him down to the ground in a tackle. I stood up quickly.  


"How you like me now?!" I joked. Niall laughed as he dusted the grass off his knees. My mother walked outside. 


"What was all that yelling?" She asked. 


"Nothing mum. We're just playing." I said.


She looked down at Niall. "Oh honey, what happened?" She didn't even let Niall answer. She picked him up and took him inside. Niall may have been 8 years old at the time, but he was an inch taller than me, weighing 5 pounds more. I wasn't that big. I followed my mother inside. She sat Niall on the kitchen counter. She was at the sink, wetting a paper towel. Mum returned to Niall and dabbed his knee with the towel. After cleaning it, she put a Pingu bandage on it.  "Now be careful you guys." Mum said, before letting us go back outside. 

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