They Don't Know About Us ~Niall Horan~

"I don't care what they say." Niall said, taking my hand. "I won't let anybody hurt you. Ever. I promise. I love you. You're my everything babe. I can't live without you. I won't."
I my head on his shoulder as a tear fell from my eye. "I love you too." I said softly. "Thank you."


9. Almost Time


The next morning, I woke up next to Niall again. I smiled at him, poking his stomach lightly. He was propped up on several pillows, on his laptop. He looked down at me and smiled.    “Morning Sleeping Beauty.” Niall said.    I smiled at him. Running my fingers through my hair, I worked out the knots. Then I put it up in a messy bun.    “You know what today is?” I asked.    “Roadtrip!” Niall yelled.    “Yeahhh budday!” I laughed. “Come on.” I said, motioning for him to follow me downstairs.    I walked into the kitchen and found another note. I picked it up and read it aloud to Niall.   “Niall and Kris-- I left you guys some money. Buy some snacks for the road and anything else you might need. I’ll be home around 5 o’clock tonight. Have fun. See you guys later.  Love, Mum.” I read.    Niall stepped next to me and picked up the money. He counted it silently, moving his lips as he did.    “50 euros.” Niall said, handing me the money.    “Jeez, that’s a lot.” I said. “I don’t think we need that much stuff. Maybe just a few snacks for the drive.”    “And the hotel room. Snacks for the hotel.” He said.    “They will probably give us more money for that. Dad gets home at 4:30 and Mum should be home around 5ish.” I said. Niall nodded, grabbing a pack of strawberry Poptarts.    I ran upstairs and jumped into the shower. After washing my hair and body, I got out and dried off. I walked down the hall to my room and started getting dressed.    I put on a black Vans hoodie along with purple skinny jeans, matching the outfit with some purple and black Vans. I blow dried my hair and put it up in a ponytail. I combed my side bangs and straightened them.    I quickly brushed my teeth and used some mouthwash. Then I applied some cover up and a little bit of lip gloss. I grabbed my dark mascara and applied. Checking my hair and makeup once last time, I headed downstairs.    “Come on slow poke! Get ready!” I yelled, pushing Niall off the stool at the table.    “Chill yourself kiddo! It’s only 10.” Niall said, pushing me back.    “I don’t care.” I said. “Leggo!”    Niall groaned and stomped his feet upstairs. I giggled at his imitation of a 5 year old. I sat down at the kitchen table and pulled out my iPhone. I pushed the home button and turned it on.    I smiled at my lock screen, a picture of me on Niall’s back. Dialing in my passcode, I unlocked it. I opened Temple Run and began playing the game.    I reached 5,600m when Niall came back downstairs. He had on gray sweatpants and a blue tee shirt. He grabbed his sweater off the chair and slipped it on, zipping up the front.   Niall stepped into his blue hightops and pulled on his hood. I ruffled his hair and opened the front door.   
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