Your Lips Are Kissable♥

It's the middle of summer, 18 year old Brandie is completely in love with her best friend Liam. Everybody knows except for him. They met by Harry Styles. Niall has the biggest crush on Brandie and is crushed that she doesn't like him back. Niall get's very jealous. Harry tries to talk Liam into liking Brandie back, but he won't bring up the fact that she's in love with him.


2. The Best Day

The next day, Liam & Brandie were going to hangout at the park. She was wearing cute short shorts, and a light blue crop top with her hair straightened. Liam came to her house to pick her up. When they were walking down the street, all the girls were looking at Liam. Brandie was getting kind of jealous so she walked closer to him. When they got to the park, Zayn & Niall were there! Niall ran over to talk to Brandie & Liam. Niall had the biggest crush on Brandie, and is hoping that since Liam and her are hanging out that she doesn't like him. Zayn texted Harry to come to the park just in case Niall gets to jealous and tries to hurt Liam. Once Harry arrived, Brandie ran over to him and gave him a big hug. They were hanging out until 8pm. Brandie's mom texted her saying that she needed to come home now. She said her goodbye's gave each of them a hug and walked away. Liam said that he had to go, even though he didn't. He caught up to Brandie and scared her. Liam told Brandie that he was going to walk her home. Brandie always thinks that Liam likes her back, but she thinks she's wrong at the same time. When they got to Brandie's house, Liam didn't want to leave. He followed her inside. Brandie asked "What are you doing?" , Liam said "Hanging out with you..". Brandie couldn't help but smile. She gave him a tour of her house. Liam grabbed a water bottle first because he was really thirsty from being outside all day. They sat on the couch to watch tv. Liam wanted to watch football but Brandie wanted to watch something else. They couldn't decide what to watch, so Brandie grabbed the remote from Liam and changed the channel to something random. Liam laughed and was trying to grab it back. They fought over the remote for 3 minutes. Some how they ended up on the ground. They were laying beside each other, and Liam & Brandie made eye contact. Brandie could feel herself getting closer to Liam. Brandie's heart has racing and had a million butterflies again! They kept getting closer and closer. But Liam grabbed the remote instead of what Brandie thought they were going to do. Brandie's heart felt like it dropped 50 feet. at 9:00 Liam had to leave. Right before he was leaving, Brandie ran over to him and kissed him, like she's never kissed any one before. Liam didn't see that coming, and he felt like the only guy on earth. Brandie gave Liam the biggest hug after, and he left. Brandie & Liam couldn't help but think of the kiss over and over again. Liam texted Harry right away saying that he might like Brandie.

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