Your Lips Are Kissable♥

It's the middle of summer, 18 year old Brandie is completely in love with her best friend Liam. Everybody knows except for him. They met by Harry Styles. Niall has the biggest crush on Brandie and is crushed that she doesn't like him back. Niall get's very jealous. Harry tries to talk Liam into liking Brandie back, but he won't bring up the fact that she's in love with him.


1. A New Beginning ..

On the last day of school, Brandie was going to hangout with Harry. When they were hanging out, Harry got a text from Liam asking if he wanted to hangout with him. Harry said yes, so when they were walking around, they were actually going to meet up with Liam. When Harry saw Liam he instantly yelled "HEY LIAM!". Brandie was looking around for this guy called Liam, and once he got closer she saw him. She looked at Liam like she hasn't seen any cute guys in 5 years. She couldn't take her big blue eyes off of him. When Liam and Harry started to talk Brandie got 3 text messages, she ignored them because she wanted to hear every word that Liam was saying. Harry whispered in his ear "introduce yourself to her!". Liam listened to Harry and said to Brandie "Hello love, the names Liam..and you?" and he gave her a smile. She smiled big and said "The names Brandie." Brandie couldn't help but smile the whole time. They hung out for about 5 hours. When they were walking down the empty street, they saw Harry's mom driving around looking for him. Harry's mom told Harry to get in the car so she could drop him off at home because she didn't want anything bad to happen to him. She apoligzied to Liam & Brandie because she didn't have time to drop them off at home, only because she was in a rush to get to work. Liam offered to walk Brandie home. Brandie said yes she can spend more time with Liam. When they arrived at her house, Liam asked if he could use her house phone to call his mom to pick him up. Brandie and Liam hung out for another 20 minutes. Liam heard a car horn and knew it was his mom waiting for him. He was getting his shoes on very slowly so he can keep talking to Brandie. They both made eye contact and couldn't take their eyes off of each other. Brandie ran over to Liam and hugged him as tight as she can. They hugged for about 5 minutes but didn't realize it. They both heard another car horn and Liam's mom was getting impatient and wanted to get home. Brandie gave Liam her cell number and told him to text her whenever. Brandie ran upstairs to her room as fast as she can, and she started screaming and running around her room because of the hug. Her mom yelled at her to stop screaming, because it was quite loud. She was actually so happy! Before bed she got a text message and it read "Hey Brandie, it's Liam..I enjoyed hanging out with you today, and I want to let you know that I want to get to know you better. So let's hang more!?:)" Brandie dropped her phone and started screaming as loud as she can! Her mom yelled at her even louder because she was trying to sleep..

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