Break a leg

On a cold winter day, a Tuesday I think ... my friend Chiara and I were on our way to school. When all of a sudden.... I slipped and fell , unfortunately I broke my leg. Chiara just stood there all worried....... when all of a sudden we see a car pull up beside us. Turns out it was .. Harry , Liam , Zayn , Louis , and Niall!!! My leg was magically feeling a lot better when they appeared. When Niall asked what happened I say " I don't really know, I was walking then all of a sudden.... I was on my back." After we were done talking, Harry runs off to go get help, while Liam , Zayn, Louis, and Niall all sit there wondering what to do... I immediatly say "Niall you can take off your shirt.. and wrap it around my leg it so won't hurt as much " (so he did ). While he was doing that Liam walked away in disgust..Zayn and Louis were very interested in what was going on. A few minutes later Harry came back with help and a chocolate bar for Niall. I called my mom and told her what had happened.


4. Nothing will go wrong...

      It was weeks before Chiara and I got to see our bf's. But at school things changed for us, we became popular, everybody wanted to be our friends.It was great! At 3 o'clock  I get a text message, its Chiara:


Me:"Haii gurly!!"

Chiara:"what's up?"

Me:"nothing really what about you?, "

 Chiara:"oh nothing, but I have a surprise for you..:)"

Me:"What is it ?!?"

Chiara:"you will have to come to my house and find out "

Me:"Okaii:) be there in 5"

When I get to her house, I knock on the door , it opened quite slowly, I walk in and it was Harry. I cried because they were not supposed to be back untill July of next year! Then I asked " Where is Niall?" " Oh hes in the bathroom, he had a bad taco on the way here" Harry said. My world is much better when the band is with Chiara and I, when I heard the toilet flush, I got super excited, because I get to be with my nialler again. We heard knocking on the door, It was saggie maggie ;), I guess Chiara texted her aswell, But holy cow poo was she ever excited to see Zayn. Now that they're here nothing will go wrong... Untill..............

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