Break a leg

On a cold winter day, a Tuesday I think ... my friend Chiara and I were on our way to school. When all of a sudden.... I slipped and fell , unfortunately I broke my leg. Chiara just stood there all worried....... when all of a sudden we see a car pull up beside us. Turns out it was .. Harry , Liam , Zayn , Louis , and Niall!!! My leg was magically feeling a lot better when they appeared. When Niall asked what happened I say " I don't really know, I was walking then all of a sudden.... I was on my back." After we were done talking, Harry runs off to go get help, while Liam , Zayn, Louis, and Niall all sit there wondering what to do... I immediatly say "Niall you can take off your shirt.. and wrap it around my leg it so won't hurt as much " (so he did ). While he was doing that Liam walked away in disgust..Zayn and Louis were very interested in what was going on. A few minutes later Harry came back with help and a chocolate bar for Niall. I called my mom and told her what had happened.


2. Love of our lives :D

While all of us were in the wating room , my mom told me to choose one of the boys to come into the room with me ... I chose Niall. When the doctor called my name to wait in one of the boring rooms Niall gets up and starts pushing me in the wheelchair. When we are in the room I get a call from Maggie ... we talked for about 30 to 35 minutes ... and right after I get off the phone with Maggie , Niall looks at me and says " You know after all of the girls I have seen your the only one I can't stop thinking about , right after I saw, you hurt and in pain I knew you were the one " My heart melted when he said that. About 4 hours later.. we are all out of the hospital , when we all got to my house, I got Chiara and Harry to run to the store to get me some bags of ice, Zayn and Maggie to go and get Niall some food and for Louis and Liam to just sit there and look pretty. After they all left I told Niall how I felt about him.. it turned out pretty good :) When they finally got back Niall ate, Zayn was getting all flirty with Maggie and Chiara and Harry ..... oh don't even get me started ...... But I think we all might  have a chance with the love of our lives!:D

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