The Album

All of the boys have grown up a little bit! But, they are still the amazing and fun band that you know now. Harry, Zayn, and Liam are married!!! Harry and his wife, Sarah, have 2 kids! Their names are Chase (6) and Lucy (4). Zayn and Nicole have 3 kids, Jamie (6), Ashton (5), and Drew (3). Liam and Danielle don't have any children, yet. Louis and Niall are still searching for their lovers.


Louis 29
Niall 28
Liam 28
Zayn 28
Harry 27


3. Zayn's Here!

"Vas Happenin'?" says shouted as he walked through the studio doors.

"Zayn!!!" screamed Niall.

The other boys said their hello's. Then they all went and got a comfy place on the studio couch. 

"So what's up guys?" Harry said.

"Well Paul wanted a meeting with all of us to tell us some important news!" said Liam.

Paul is One Direction's manager. He always had some good news. This time, Harry thought it would be something to do with Paul.

"Oh my gosh!!!!!" Louis shouted. "Niall get off of me!"

Niall was laying across Louis and chanting, "I'M HUNGRY!" over and over again.

All the boys so hard until Zayn rolled on the floor laughing.



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