The Album

All of the boys have grown up a little bit! But, they are still the amazing and fun band that you know now. Harry, Zayn, and Liam are married!!! Harry and his wife, Sarah, have 2 kids! Their names are Chase (6) and Lucy (4). Zayn and Nicole have 3 kids, Jamie (6), Ashton (5), and Drew (3). Liam and Danielle don't have any children, yet. Louis and Niall are still searching for their lovers.


Louis 29
Niall 28
Liam 28
Zayn 28
Harry 27


6. The Wait

"Sarah, love!" Harry called as he walked through the door of his house.

"Yes, dear?" I called back.

"I just found out some very interesting news!!!" Harry said.

"What?!" I said.

"Okay. So, next Saturday, the boys and I are going to be on Oprah!!!" He said.

"Oh my gosh!!!!" I said excitingly. "Doesn't Niall love her show?"

"YEAH! he replied.

He hugged me and spun me around, then said, "I love you!"

"I love you too Harry." I said back.

Thank goodness that was what Harry and the boys were talking about. I was getting kind of concerned. I'm so glad that they get to be on Oprah. I bet it will be amazing.


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