The Album

All of the boys have grown up a little bit! But, they are still the amazing and fun band that you know now. Harry, Zayn, and Liam are married!!! Harry and his wife, Sarah, have 2 kids! Their names are Chase (6) and Lucy (4). Zayn and Nicole have 3 kids, Jamie (6), Ashton (5), and Drew (3). Liam and Danielle don't have any children, yet. Louis and Niall are still searching for their lovers.


Louis 29
Niall 28
Liam 28
Zayn 28
Harry 27


11. One Week To Go

"Alright boys gather around." said Paul, One Direction's manager. "One week left until Oprah. We really gotta work hard for this next week. As you already know we'll be playing songs from our first album. We'll have another meeting in a day or two. Any questions? No? Okay. See you guys later."


"Bye-bye Pauly." Liam said.


Paul left the room. Zayn turned to Louis and said, "Hey Lou, how's that coffee girl, Ellie?"


"She's okay. There's just one thing about her that I don't like."


"She talks too much." Niall admitted.

"WAYYY TO MUCH!" Harry agreed.


"That's what it is. I couldn't figure it out. She just keeps going on and on. I'll ask her a question, 'How was your day?' and she wont stop talking about her day. One time she went on for 23 minutes straight. Then she asked me how my day was and I said a simple answer. Good."


"Yeah, she's done that with me before." Liam said.


"You guys think I should end it?" asked Louis.


"Your choice buddy." said Niall.


"I'll be right back." Louis said.


Louis ran out the door. He caught a ride from Paul, who was still in the lobby of the hotel they were staying at. 


"Where to?" Paul asked.


"The movie theater." Louis replied. That's where Ellie works. It raining hard on that fall night. Louis could hear the tapping of the rain on the car window. He then remembered Eleanor. He hadn't thought about her in months. He didn't know why he randomly thought about her. He had to clear her from his mind and move on, past her and past Ellie. No more fooling around. Louis wanted something real. Someone who he could live his entire life with. It just wasn't Ellie. It wasn't the talking that made Louis not like her. It was that he knew she wasn't the one. 


They finally arrived to the movie theater. "Want me to wait out here?" Paul asked.


"No thanks. I'll catch a cab home."


Louis entered the doors to the theater lobby. He saw Ellie and walked towards her.


"Louis! I didn't expect to see you here!" Ellie said.


"I came to talk to you about something." mumbled Louis.


"About walk?"


"I...don't think that....we're gonna work out." said Louis.


"Oh. I get it."


"Are you sure?" Louis asked.


"Yes." Ellie said. Louis gave her a good-bye hug and that was it.








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