Christmas Tree

It's a little something we wrote in creative writing this week. I just re-wrote it here.


1. Chapter 1.


“I seriously can’t believe we waited right up until Christmas Eve to go get our tree this year.”

Hanna was sitting in her mum’s car, knees pulled up to her chin, with brightly coloured scarves and gloves swallowing her. Her mother, Mrs Walker, had chosen a more sensible jacket and had a beige beanie settled on the top of her head. She tutted as she leant over to turn the heating up.

“Hanna, I’ve been too busy to get one earlier. I’ve been working overtime, you know that.”

“But still. There’s not gonna be any good ones there now.”

“You never know.”

“Whatever.” Hanna huffed, rubbing her hands together in an attempt to retain more heat. “You know if dad was here, we’d have had it up and ready by the first.”

As Hanna said this, she watched her mother’s hands clench tighter on the steering wheel.

“Well, dad’s not going to be here this year. So just deal with it. We’ll get what’s there.” She snapped, and Hanna took that as her cue to shut her mouth. So she did so, drawing smiley faces in the misted over windows.


At the tree yard, there were literally three trees left. Hanna sighed as she took in the options. The first was huge, probably towering fifteen feet, far taller than the Walker’s little house, and it probably cost the earth as well. The second was smaller and of a more average size, but its needles were falling out, and the ones that stayed fastened to the branches were turning brown and lifeless. And finally, the third was small. Very small, only about four feet tall. But, it was the only option, so Hanna helped the assistant carry it to the car boot whilst her mother paid using her blue debit card.


By the time they were home, Hanna’s mother was exasperated, disappearing to the office to continue with her work at home. Hanna smiled, lugging the tree in and cutting it out of the netting wrapper. She successfully stood it in the base, and ran up to the attic to find the Christmas decorations – faded strings of tinsel, dusty baubles, tangled fairy lights. However, it was all she had and she spent the next couple of hours making the tree look as special as she could. At about eleven, Hanna’s mum returned to the living room.

“Hanna? The tree looks lovely, but you really need to go to bed now, or you won’t get up tomorrow.” Hanna’s mum looked tired as well, but there was a certain sparkle in her eyes as she looked over at the well decorated tree standing proudly in the living room. Hanna nodded, hugged her mother goodnight, and headed upstairs. She was exhausted; pulling on her pyjamas and collapsing into her bed. Within seconds, she was fast asleep.


She awoke the next morning with a grin on her face. Getting up from bed, she walked downstairs to go and make some coffee for her mum, but when she entered the kitchen, she found her mum reading yesterday’s newspaper and a coffee mug already in her hand.

“Morning, mum. Happy Christmas.” She said, smiling as she reached for the cereal.

“Good morning Hanna. Look outside, it snowed!” her mum had a look on her face like there was a secret, but Hanna didn’t look too far into it, because there was finally a white Christmas!

Hanna grinned even wider, rushing to the front door and flinging it open. Sure enough, the ground was covered in a thick layer of powdery snow, but that’s not what made Hanna gasp. It was the man standing, decked out head-to-toe in military uniform. He had a red Santa hat on his head, and was grinning wildly.

“Merry Christmas, Hanna.” He said in that familiar voice that Hanna had missed like crazy.

“Merry Christmas, Dad.” She grinned, pulling him inside to see her mother, and slamming the door shut behind her.

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