For Keeps

When you saw me you would think I would have the most prefect life. I was the prettiest girl in school. Straight A student in school. Captain of the cheer-leading team. Prefect boyfriend that everyone would die for. Had the best parents. However it never felt complete. Nobody knew the real me the quirky, nerdy, and insecure girl. Until I met him. He seemed to love me for who I am but it seems to good to be true. Will I be able to realize that this is reality and learn to believe that he will love me forever before I loose him.


3. What Happened?

What did I just do? Why would I break up with my boyfriend? Maybe it will be the best for me maybe it help me with my escape plan. However I knew everyone would come up to me and ask me why, would you mind if I date him but I know I won't be able to dodge the twins. I was looking down at my book, Beautiful Disaster, and I was enjoying it. It was as if they were listening into my thoughts and they came on cue. It seems like no matter what happens people will know in 5 seconds that what I hated most its like everyone knows what your doing and they sit their and watch you. Ava as always started talking to me.

"Why would you break up with Jack?" Ava questioned 

"I don't know." I said because I didn't want them to know my reason for it

"How don't you know?" Annie said surprising me with her tone of voice which sounded very angry

"I just don't okay and will like it if you two would just let me be. Okay?

"Alright Ashley." Ava said walking away with Annie right behind her

Well I never knew I had a bossy side to myself. I never really go that angry I always try to maintain my anger but today just seemed different. And It must have been because I am tired of doing the same old thing. However I realized that I will still have to deal with them. I just needed my escape from here. I can't be someone that I don't want to be anymore. I just hope that escape will come soon because I don't know how much longer I can deal with this.

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