For Keeps

When you saw me you would think I would have the most prefect life. I was the prettiest girl in school. Straight A student in school. Captain of the cheer-leading team. Prefect boyfriend that everyone would die for. Had the best parents. However it never felt complete. Nobody knew the real me the quirky, nerdy, and insecure girl. Until I met him. He seemed to love me for who I am but it seems to good to be true. Will I be able to realize that this is reality and learn to believe that he will love me forever before I loose him.


2. Same Old Thing

After finishing my pancakes and bacon my Mom dropped my brothers and I off at school. As I walk in my boyfriend Jack was waiting for me with the twins Annie and Ava. They both followed me around like puppies. To be honest I never really like the how people couldn't be their own leader and make choice for themselves but I should be the one talking because for 3 years I have been regretting my choices. I walk up to Jack and give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek as I did every morning and it already felt like the same old thing. He then grabs my hand and starts walking me down to my locker while the twin came to my other side to the hand Jack wasn't holding. Ava was blonde with pin straight hair with brown tips and sky blue eyes which would tell you which twin she was. She was also very skinny just like a toothpick or the size of your pinky or just like Plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddie. Annie was the same as her the only difference is she didn't have any dye in her hair she always like to keep her hair her natural color. When we walk down the hallway Ava starts a conversation with me about the latest gossip but I never really cared for that so I completely ignored her and just started to thinking to myself. I was thinking that I needed a change from everything. The only thing is I needed an escape plan to get away. All I really wanted was for people to know the quirky, nerdy, and insecure girl that my family knows and loves. I  then stopped thinking and started to to pay attention to Ava. She started rambling on about the new boy in school and how cute he was but I couldn't say much because of Jack. But she ended when I got to my locker and got all my books from 1st to 4th period. Jack stood their smiling at me I didn't understand why but I was going to break some news to him soon and it wasn't going to be pretty. He then started to talk.

"Ashley I have something for you." He said excitingly

"Jack before you have give me it...." I said looking down at my palms which were sweating. He then cut me off and continued

"Here!" He said while pulling out a sterling silver necklace with a key at the end with a heart in the hole of it and handing it to me

"Jack its beautiful but I can't accept it." I said feeling sorry

"Why?" He said looking confused by my answer

"Jack are the sweetest guy and any girl will be lucky to have you but I'm not that girl. And I am sorry to say this but I'm breaking up with you." I said while staring into his grey eyes and walking away from him and I didn't think to look back

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