For Keeps

When you saw me you would think I would have the most prefect life. I was the prettiest girl in school. Straight A student in school. Captain of the cheer-leading team. Prefect boyfriend that everyone would die for. Had the best parents. However it never felt complete. Nobody knew the real me the quirky, nerdy, and insecure girl. Until I met him. He seemed to love me for who I am but it seems to good to be true. Will I be able to realize that this is reality and learn to believe that he will love me forever before I loose him.


4. Escape

Ava and Annie didn't push me any further to answer all their question they just seemed really angry and to be honest I didn't care why waste my time on people who are not worth it. With that the say flew by fast and I was actually really happy because I didn't have to deal with anyone at home who would question me about anything and only care for how I was doing and why did I break up with Jake. I walked home for the first time in ages. It was a beautiful spring afternoon it was the time where you saw all the flowers beginning to bloom I really enjoyed it but it wasn't my favorite season, its actually fall, but it was a sign that summer was coming and that means a whole summer to myself. From my school to my house was a 15 minute walk I let my mind wander around and think about anything I wanted to. Soon I made it home. I opened the door to see my family in the living room and my oldest brother Jordan standing near the t.v. and on the couches were the rest Evan and Micheal, Mickey is his nickname, and my Mom and Dad. I walked in and closed the door behind me. I then walked over to the living room.

"Um hi guys." I said looking confused

"Hi Ash would you mind sitting down I have something important to tell you guys." Jordan said

"Alright." I said while walking over and sitting next to Mickey

"Well you guys I wanted you all to sit here because I have some important news to tell you." Jordan said while rubbing his sweaty palms on his uniform pants. We all sat down and waited for him to tell us the news.

"We all know that I am a huge soccer fan and I love to play the sport professionally. And I  was being scouted on my last game against the Warriors and coach told me today me he was from England and he wanted me to be on their soccer team." Jordan said excitingly

"Well that's fantastic honey." My Mother said getting up to hug him

"Hold on Mom the thing is they want me to come immediately and I will be moving to London in a week times." He said looking down at his feet

"Wait so your tell me that you are moving to London!" I said at the top of my lungs

"Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying. And I was wondering if you would like to move their with me." He said

Right then and their was when I found my escape and I was so happy finally I could leave but would my family say would they let me move with Jordan. He is the oldest and is very responsible and protective over me so I  don't see the point of saying no. But I was to stunned to answer him.

"So would you like to move to London with me. I know its your dream to move over their so I said why not take you with me.

"Jordan what about Mom and Dad." I said looking at our parents

"Ashley this has been your dream forever and we are not going to be the ones to stand in your way." My Dad said

They were all right it was my dream since I was a little girl I always wanted to see Buckingham  Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, and River Thames. I couldn't say anything I was still stunned until Evan snapped his fingers in front of my face.

"YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!" I said running to him and giving him the biggest hug he could ever imagine. Finally I am leaving!


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