For Keeps

When you saw me you would think I would have the most prefect life. I was the prettiest girl in school. Straight A student in school. Captain of the cheer-leading team. Prefect boyfriend that everyone would die for. Had the best parents. However it never felt complete. Nobody knew the real me the quirky, nerdy, and insecure girl. Until I met him. He seemed to love me for who I am but it seems to good to be true. Will I be able to realize that this is reality and learn to believe that he will love me forever before I loose him.


1. Dreaming


I was running away into the dark and mysterious woods to get away from everyone. Until I tripped over a tree branch falling into the cold moist dirt that got my skin dirty. I try to get up but I couldn't my ankle was twisted. Struggling to get up they started to surround me. I started to scream while they took me away.

Waking Up

I woke up to the sound of me screaming over my alarm clock. I calmed down and realized it was all a dream. I was glad I thought they would eat my face off. I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. In the bathroom I washed my medium-length brown hair with golden highlights, brushed my teeth. I headed out the bathroom with nothing but my towel and I went into my bedroom. It was big for just a small person like me but my Mother said that her only girl should get the biggest room of them all. I really did like the fact that I was the only girl in the family and the youngest on top of that. My 3 older brothers are seniors in school all looking out for me and keeping me safe when people try to hurt me. They were the best to me and I can never thank them enough for that. As I enter my room my dog Bently walks in with his cameo vest on that I bought for him when he turned 3 months old. It seems that Bently was my best-friend even though he's a dog he knows more about me then anyone in the world would know. I went up to him and pet him on his back. After that I head into my walk in closet  taking my uniform out of the closet. It was a waist high skirt that was plaid and a white collar shirt tucked in with knee high socks. To be honest I enjoyed wearing the same outfit everyday so I didn't have to compete with others to see who wore the best outfit. My hair had dried into it's loose salon style curls. I walked downstairs to find my Mother cooking pancakes and bacon my favorite. My brothers were all sitting at the table shoving pancakes and bacon down their throat it was just the same as any other day. I sat down next to Evan the second youngest and grabbed my plate of pancakes and bacon and ate my breakfast before I had to go to school and be miserable the whole entire day.

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