Not this again

Skyler was 17 years old. She loved one direction, but her boyfriend just doesn't understand. They have been fighting for awhile, but when skyler gets in an accident everything changes and she doesn't know where she belongs.


1. What is going??

Skyler's P. O. V
Why does this always happen. He just doesn't understand. The car door slam, oh great he's back. I knew he was going to hurt me or something. He walked in I was sitting at the table drinking some water. He comes up to me with a big smile on his face and holding something behind his back. I looked up and slightly smiled than asked him
"What you got there?"
He looked at me and got on his knee and pulled out a ring. He asked me.
" Will you Skyler Christine Winter, Marry Me?"
I was in shock, but the fact of me saying no but be worse than it already was. I got up slowly looked at him and ran at the door. I knew he was right behind me. When he yelled
" Skyler get back here now. "
I didn't look back I kept running but than it happened..........the accident..
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