Truly, Madly, Deeply

According to her name, Addyson Grace should be powerful, strong, and well grounded. Unfortunatley, when her parents gave her the name, they didn't know she would be the complete opposite of her name. After her mother died and her father is put in prison, Addyson is weak, broken, and watching as the world crumbles beneth her knees. Her past haunts her, and she can't escape it. That is, until, she meets Niall Horan, the blonde, happy Irish guy with a strange determination to fix Addyson. Things seem to be falling into place for her, things seem to be perfect.

But of course, history repeats itself and her father has to ruin everything.


5. Hello :)

Now y'all probably thought this was a chapter. Sorry about that, I really do hate to dissapoint. You will all be please to hear that the next chapter will be posted between now and Friday. Hopefully.


Anyways, first off, I realized I never introduced myself to all of you. Well, my name is Lauren and I am from Boston. Normally, I wouldn't tell stragners on the Internet where I live but Boston is too goddamn awesome and everyone needs to know I come from the greatest city out there. I write One Direction fanfiction stories, and all of you read them. *le gasp* How many of you are shocked to hear that?


Anways, I would just like to apologize for my gap between updates. I'm having family problems right now and I really hope you'll understand when I say I'm writing in my free time, but I don't have a lot of it. Most of it is being spent with my family. So I'm sorry if updates are slow, but I will update. It's my goal for this to be under the popular category.


Also, you should all go check out my new story, Don't Let Me Go (DLMG). It's darker then this one, for those of you who are like me and like the darker romance stories. Esepcially if you throw One Direction in there and its like, "holy shit this is the shit."


My favorite word is shit. It's the word I use instead of 'awesome'. Don't even ask why, I don't know.


One last thing, if you have this on your favorite list, you should fan me for updates and such. If you are my fan, you will be called my little potato. Why? Because I'm Niall and you're the potatos. Niall and the Potatos.


For now, goodbye, my little Potatos,




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