Truly, Madly, Deeply

According to her name, Addyson Grace should be powerful, strong, and well grounded. Unfortunatley, when her parents gave her the name, they didn't know she would be the complete opposite of her name. After her mother died and her father is put in prison, Addyson is weak, broken, and watching as the world crumbles beneth her knees. Her past haunts her, and she can't escape it. That is, until, she meets Niall Horan, the blonde, happy Irish guy with a strange determination to fix Addyson. Things seem to be falling into place for her, things seem to be perfect.

But of course, history repeats itself and her father has to ruin everything.


2. Chapter Two: Nutella and Root Beer

My head was spinning with the familiar feeling of being buzzed. Tonight, my friend Cal had managed to drag me to a club, rather than my average sports bar. It was pretty cool here, and I might be having a good time if I wasn't so dead set on mourning my mother tonight.

"Can I have another?" I slurred to the bartender, thrusting my empty beer bottle towards him. He looked at me for a while, before letting out a sigh and sliding me another beer. I gave him a lazy grin. "Thanks mate."

He snickered. "Just drink your beer, lass." The Irish accent made me smile a little, thinking about the Irish lad I had gotten into a car crash with. After we went back to me car, we exchanged numbers and he said he'd help pay for the damages. Though, most likely my car was totaled, and he wouldn't have to pay very much.

I brought the bottle to my lips, taking a big chug. Alcohol was good to me, making me forget, if only for a while, these painful memories. It makes me want to have fun, and not think about my past. With that in mind, I drank almost half the bottle. Yes, alcohol could be good to me, but only at times like this.

Small hands were placed on my shoulder as I turned around to face my best friend, Cal. "Having fun there, boo?" She whispered in my ear, and I could tell what she was doing.

"I'm not going to grind with you so guys will think you're sexy." I said, rolling my eyes. I fell for that once, and it was terrible. Guys eyed me like I was a piece of meat for their grabbing. It disgusted me. "Besides, you're pretty enough to get a guy on your own." I said, slurring my words together like a drunken ass.

Cal laughed a little, letting go of my shoulders and taking a seat behind me. She really was beautiful, with flowing blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. "Too bad. We would be the best lesbian couple. I ship us!" She stated proudly, pumping her fist in the air.

"You ship us?"

"Of course. Our couple name will be Caddisyn Minnigan."

"Please don't ever talk to me again, you queer." I laughed, taking another large gulp, finishing off my beer and motioning for another.

My best friend shot my a worried look. "Addy, how many of those have you had?"

I shrugged, waving my hand. "Only like, two. It's no big deal I'm not even drunk." My voice went up an octave as I told this to her.

The bartender gave me another beer and looked Cal in the eye. "Actually, this would be her sixth."

Giving the bartender the nastiest glare I could, I snatched the beer away from him. How could be betray me like that? I seriously thought we were good friends. "Dirty bastard." I mumbled, taking a swig of my new beer. The man chuckled and walked away, going back to his bartender duties. I felt Cal's eyes on me, but I chose to ignore them. That was until, she tried to grab the beer from my hands.

"No! Bad whore! Give it back!" I said, wrestling the bottle out of her hands. It slipped out of her tiny fingers, and some of it split on my tight black dress. Shrugging, I took another sip. "What the hell was that for?"

She sighed, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the bar area, through the crowd, and towards the convenient couches they had towards the back. Cal sat me down and kneeled in front of me. I tried to stifle my giggles, but failed, letting out a large laugh. "I can see your panties!"

"Alright, you're drunk, let's go home." She grabbed my hand and tried to pull me away from my spot. I pouted, pulling my hand back to me. I had an advantage, being much stronger than she. Cal tipped forward, before trying to regain her balance, failing, and falling on her butt.

I laughed obnoxiously loud, throwing my head back. Cal glared at me, whacking me in the nose with her thumb. My laughing ceased at once. "Oh hell no."

An amused face took place of the irritated one Cal had. "Oh hell yes. Now c'mon, let's get you home and showered. We can watch the Hunger Games and eat Nutella. How's that sound?" She asked softly, kneeling back up again and grabbing my hand.

A grin spread across my face as I leaned in and whispered in her ear. "Like sex on a cloud of cotton candy." I giggled, covering my mouth with my hand and falling back on the couch.

Cal sighed and yanked me back up. "Shut up Addy, you're a virgin. Now let's go or I'm not buying you root beer." My eyes widened with the threat. "Yeah, I'm not bluffing. I've got two dollars in my purse I'm not afraid to keep." I hopped straight up, dragging Cal towards the exit and out the door. She laughed, following me from behind.

We exited the club and the cold London air hit my skin. A shiver ran down my back and I latched myself onto Cal. "I'm frigid cold!" I said in a posh accent, nuzzling my nose into Cal's boobs.


I looked up at my best friend with a puppy dog look. "Will you carry me Boo?" I asked, holding my arms up for her. She rolled her big green eyes and swept me off my feet, carrying me bridal style. I grinned at her. "Thanks Cal! I love you!"

"Yeah, yeah. Just shut your mouth until we get to the car. I'm cold, and I don't want to be harassed." I giggled into her chest, and wrapped my arms around her neck.

We walked, well, Cal walked with me in her arms, for about five minutes until we got to her car. Usually I drive, but my car is gone and Cal knew I would be piss drunk tonight. The girl just knows me so well. While still keeping me in her arms, she opened the passenger door and carefully placed me in the seat. Cal buckled me in, and once she turned around I took my hand and whacked her bum. She gasped and grabbed it, turning around to glare at me. "Bad." She pointed we finger at me and closed the car door. Another giggle escaped my lips.

My head was spinning as Cal hopped into the driver seat. She turned the radio on, Third Eye Blind came blasting through the speakers. "We're going to stop and I'm going to run into the store to get you root bear and Nutella. When I go in there, do not, under circumstances, get out of the car."

I nodded as Charlie Brown by Coldplay came on the radio. Turning my head, I gave Cal a grin. "Oh, no please!" She begged, though to no avail.

"Stole a key! Took a car down town where the lost boys meet! Took a car down town and took what they offered me!" Cal groaned, throwing her head back. "To set me free, I saw the lights go down at the end of the scene,

I saw the lights go down and they're standing in front of me!"

We pulled up to a little store and Cal turned the car off. I frowned as Chris Martin stopped singing and I glared at my blonde best friend. "I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere. Okay?"

I nodded, flashing her a smile. Cal shot me one more skeptical look before getting out of the car, leaving the windows down. "You're insecure, don't know what for." I sang, making duck faces. "Don't need make up to cover up! Being the way that you are is e-enough-oh-ough!"

A car pulled up next to me, and a blonde boy hopped out of the car and ran into the store. "Everyone else in the room can see it! Everyone else but you! Baby you light up my world like nobody else! The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed! But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you don't know-oh-oh! You don't know you're beautiful! That's what makes you beautiful!" I screamed, slamming my hands against the dashboard.

There was a chuckle from the car next to me. I snapped my head towards the car to see a boy with big blue eyes and light brown hair in a slope, a bit like a ski slope. But I guess that's what he was going for. "Hey." I smiled at him. "You like One Direction?" I asked, nodding my head.

He laughed a little bit, smiling at me. "Of course I do. Are you a big fan?" He asked with a smirk that made me narrow my eyes.

"No, but I like three of there songs. The three I know. I like singing them. I like to sing." I said a bit dreamily.

He shrugged. "Hate to break it to you love, but you're a terrible singer."

I gasped, putting my hand over my mouth. "I am an excellent singer! Just not when I'm under the influences of adult beverages!" To illustrate my point, I was practically hanging out the window, slurring at my words together.

"You know for some reason I believe you." He paused. "Are you always this drunk."

"Only on Tuesdays."

"It's Saturday."

"Then nope. What's your name?"

"Louis, and you?"


Cal came walking out the store, carrying a bag with what I knew was three jars of Nutella and endless amounts of root beer. Behind her was the blonde kid, who was with the guy I was talking. My eyes widened as I realized that he was the guy who hit my car. And from the blush on Cal'a face and the way she was smiling, he was hitting on my best friend. "I know you! You're the Irish guy who totaled my car! Niall!"

Louis burst out laughing at this statement, and Niall's face flushed red when Cal let out little giggles. I almost felt bad for embarrassing him, but then I remembered he was hitting on my best friend. "Oi, you keep your hands of my Cal, alright? She's delicate and hasn't hit puberty try yet. She's a late bloomer."

Now it was Cal's turn to blush as the two boy's laughed at her expense. "Alright, it's time to go now!" She said, flustered, making her way towards the car. "I'll call you later." She stated with one last look at Niall.

The Irish boy nodded, a smile forming on his lips. "I look forward too it."

"And Miss Addyson, you seem like a fun person. I'd live to hang out sometime!' Louis chipped from his car as Cal climbed into ours.

"Get my number from Niall, I gave it to him when he brutally murdered my car." Cal gently pinched my arm, shooting me a look. I rolled my eyes. "Just kidding, I love you. Bye!"

Cal waved at the boys as she drove away and grinned. "We exchanged numbers. It was amazing."

"Tell me more, tell me more! Was it love at first sight!" I sang off key, my voice wavering.

"Nope. We just sort of hit it off, talking about the different types of root beer, agreeing that the diet kind is the worse."

I snickered. "Did that even need to be disscussed?"

She rolled her eyes at me. "Do you even know who they are?" I shook my head. "That's Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson." I gave her a blank look. "From One Direction?"

Realization dawned on me. "We'll that's embarrassing."

I scooped out another spoonful of Nutella, finishing off the first jar and throwing it on the floor of the living room in my apartment. Katniss was in the lake. "No Katniss! Run, they're coming for you! Run like Forest!" I shouted at the television, though it must have sounded muffled with the spoon of Nutella in my mouth.

"Inside voices, boo." Cal complained, her eyes lingering on the screen. I bet we both looked funny. Our make-up was all done to go out, but our hair was messy and up. Cal changed out of her red dress and into shorts and a t-shirt. Since I was too lazy to put a shirt on, I was wearing a sports bra and sweatpants. I looked like one of those female dancers in Step It Up.

I snuggled closer to Cal. "They're gonna get her, boo."

"Addy, you've seen this movie a thousand times. You know they don't get her."

"Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!" I yelled loudly.

"Inside voices!"

"Sorry boo...

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