Truly, Madly, Deeply

According to her name, Addyson Grace should be powerful, strong, and well grounded. Unfortunatley, when her parents gave her the name, they didn't know she would be the complete opposite of her name. After her mother died and her father is put in prison, Addyson is weak, broken, and watching as the world crumbles beneth her knees. Her past haunts her, and she can't escape it. That is, until, she meets Niall Horan, the blonde, happy Irish guy with a strange determination to fix Addyson. Things seem to be falling into place for her, things seem to be perfect.

But of course, history repeats itself and her father has to ruin everything.


3. Chapter Three: Bring Me to 1D

Short chapter, I know. Sorry for the long wait, but there's a lot going on in my family right now and I need to be with my mom most of the time. Please try to understand.

Chapter Three: Bring Me to 1D


"So tell me girl if every time we touch, you get this kinda rush! Baby say, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!" I screamed, holding a spoon as my microphone as I danced in the kitchen. Of course, after I meet Louis and Niall of One Direction, I just had to do a little web searching. This was the result of my studies.


Cal wasn't exactly thrilled about my new discovery, though. "Shut your bloody mouth, Addy!" She screamed from her spot on the couch. My couch, I might add.


"If you don't wanna take it slow, and you just wanna take me home, baby say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! And let me kiss you!" I shouted, ending my epic song. "What do you think Cal? Should I audition for the X-Factor with that song?" I asked, pouring myself a bowl of Cheerios.


"I think you should die." She fired back, burying her face into a pillow, moaning loud complaints. Chuckling, I took a seat in the arm chair next to her and happily ate my Cheerios. Oddly enough, it was Cal who got the bad hangover. She always ends up with migraines after she drinks, even if she only had about two or three beers. I, on the other hand, never got hung-over, even if I did drink a twelve pack of beer. It just didn't happen. "You know, for someone with a very beautiful singing voice, you can sing worse than anyone I've ever met when you want to. It's like a talent or something."


I gasp, putting my hand over my chest in mock surprise. "You think my voice is beautiful? And that I'm talented? Oh, Cal, you just made my day!" Cal just moaned louder and shifted so she was no longer facing the seat of the couch, but the back of it. I chuckled, looking up at the screen to see she had the Lion King playing. No wonder she didn't want to hear me sing, she wanted to listen to the greatest movie of all time.


Suddenly, Gonna Fly Now (the theme song to "Rocky") started playing loudly and somewhat obnoxiously. Cal's reaction was satisfactory, seeing that she practically jumped into the air at the sound of my ringtone. I grabbed my phone out of my sweatpants' pocket and pressed answer. "Hello?"


"Hey, is this Addison or am I talking to a stranger?" A boy's voice asked from the other line. I recognized the voice as Louis, the boy from last night. It was that One Direction lad.


"It is Addison! Would this happen to be a Louis William Tomlinson?"


"You know it's funny, I don't really remember giving my middle and last name to a drunken girl screaming, whilst hanging out of her car. Are you stalking me or something, Miss Addison?" He asked with a bit of amusement in his voice, leading me to believe he knew very well where I got all that information.


I laughed. "Oh, I don't think it's me you need to worry about stalking you. There are about, oh I dunno, a couple million teenage girls that might be a little bit more over on the stalker side than me. From what I hear, they've figured out your blood type."


"Bloody hell, they found my blood type!" Louis groaned though a stifled laugh could be heard in there. "It's not long before they figure out my phone number, and that's when we've got a real problem."


"If I were part of a massive, internationally known boy band with a couple million teenage girls stalking me and knowing extremely personal things like my blood type, I'd just be a little bit worried." I giggled into the phone, while Cal briefly lifted her head, giving me a perplexed look before slamming it back down on the pillow.


"Well, it's not like they can do anything with it other than know it. It's not like I'm Niall or anything, they managed to figure out where he used to live and where he went to the dentist." I shuddered at the thought of so many people I don't know knowing where I got my teeth cleaned. Louis paused. "What is my bloody type?"


"You know I didn't bother to look, I figured that it might be an invasion of privacy."


"Well that's a good point; I'll just have to look it up myself." Cal flopped back down on her face. I snickered at her. "So I was calling to ask if you would like to come over to my flat to meet the rest of the lads. Niall's contemplating asking Cal out on a date, and when that happens I want you to be there with us teasing him. I figured you might as well get to know your future partners in crime."


I laughed again. Teasing Cal was one of my greatest talents. Put that together with four other boys and I'll become invincible. "That'd be lovely. Is there any particular time you'd like me to arrive? Or should I just randomly show up at your flat?"


"Well, I figured you'd probably be having a terrible hangover, but it doesn't appear to be that way. So if you and Cal want to come today, that'd be fine."


"Surprisingly enough, Cal's the one who's having a terrible hang over. She can't even muster the strength to get off my bloody couch. Though personally I think she's just being a little whimp." I smirked as Cal threw one of my pillows at me. It hit me square in the face, my own pillow.


"Niall will be heartbroken. Oh well, I guess just you would be fine. You've proved yourself to be entertaining enough."


"Please, I am like the king of entertainment. I'd be a queen except for the fact I have too much power to be a queen. Of course I'll go. Plus, it'll get me out of watching every Disney movie ever made with Cal. I'm afraid she's gonna pop in the Lion King 2 after this, and we all know how horrendous that was." Another pillow came flying my way, but I managed to dodge it. I stuck my tongue out at Cal, though she couldn't see it.


"Alright then, see you at four."


"You know I may have access to your blood type, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I know where you live."


"Oh, right."


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