Truly, Madly, Deeply

According to her name, Addyson Grace should be powerful, strong, and well grounded. Unfortunatley, when her parents gave her the name, they didn't know she would be the complete opposite of her name. After her mother died and her father is put in prison, Addyson is weak, broken, and watching as the world crumbles beneth her knees. Her past haunts her, and she can't escape it. That is, until, she meets Niall Horan, the blonde, happy Irish guy with a strange determination to fix Addyson. Things seem to be falling into place for her, things seem to be perfect.

But of course, history repeats itself and her father has to ruin everything.


6. Chapter Five: A Day in the Life of Addy

Chapter Five: A Day in the Life of Addy

"You ready Addyson?" Andy, my partner in crime, the crime being music asked, as he adjusted the cords on his guitar.

Taking a sip of my water, I held up a finger. This was my routine, drinking an entire bottle of water before recording. I finished off, putting the cap back on and throwing it in the trash. "Let's do this." I grinned at him, pulling my headphones up.

I was very grateful to have Andy as my partner for this project. He knew how to work all the buttons and stuff that the studio we were recording at had like an expert. I, however, am just learning. If I had ended up with someone like me, we would have had to record on a computer and it would have sounded like total shit. He stopped fiddling with his guitar to mess around with some buttons. "Alright we're good."

He pressed his finger down on the record button and started to strum on his guitar, the sounds were upbeat and sweet. Our project was to take a popular, pop song and turn it into a calmer, acoustic song. In honor of my new friends, One Direction, we had decided, or I, had decided, to do 'Live While We're Young.'

My part was coming up. I quietly inhaled a breath, ready to sing until the Rocky Balboa theme song began playing from my bag on the chair. "God damn it!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in the air. Whipping my headphones off, I grabbed my phone to see who was calling. It was Louis. Oh, that boy was in for it. "I'll be right back I need to take this call so I can scream at him."

Andy chuckled, pressing some more buttons that I really didn't understand. "No problem, take your time."

Giving him one last smile, I pushed open the door and exited the room. "What the bloody hell do you want? You better be dying because if you're not you will be." I growled into the phone.

"What's got your panties in a twist?" Louis said from the other line, and I could tell he was shoving large amounts of food into his mouth.

I sighed, leaning against the door. "I'm working on a project for Uni. It's due tomorrow and we're no where near done. I've been here for two hours and it's terrible and I've drunk so much water I think I might pee my pants any second now."

"I still don't believe you're a music major and I won't until I hear you sing."

"Well I'm in a studio right now, my professor knows the guy who owns it, so it's always open to us. So what was so important that you had to call me and interrupt my hard work?"

"Oh right!" He exclaimed as if he just remembered why he called me. Knowing Louis, and for the past two weeks I think I have, he probably did forget. "Niall finally asked Cal out!"

You've got to be shitting me. "That's what's so important you had to interrupt my project for?" I could almost see Louis eagerly nodding his head. "Cal's probably outside right now waiting for me to come out so she can jump on me and tell me."

"Actually she is. She just texted me and said she was going to see you."

"Then why did you tell me?"

"I wanted to be the first one to tell you. I mean, it is my life long goal to replace Cal, right?"

I sighed, ever since Louis and I became friends, Cal told him he better not take her place as permanent best mate. Naturally, Louis has taken up teasing Cal by telling her he's going to take her spot. "For the billionth time, you can't replace Cal because I can't cuddle with you while eating Nutella! One, it'd be weird and two, Eleanor would think I'm trying to steal you."

"Never say never."

A chuckle escaped my lips. "Alright, bye Louis."

"Wait no Addy-" I hung up on him and then proceeded to turn my phone off. This boy would keep talking until I next saw him, I had to get out then or I never would have.

Once I got back inside the recording room, Andy was sitting there with his hands resting on the neck of the guitar, staring off into nothingness, his lips pursed together. I held back a chuckle. Andy has always been, in my opinion, the cutest boy I've ever met. With his big dark brown hair and disheveled chocolate hair, he looked like a puppy and it was hard not to live him. "Alright, let's try that again." I said, sitting back down in my seat and putting my phone away.

"Do you need a water?" He asked, holding up yet another water bottle. I shook my head.

"I think the water tradition hasn't exactly been working out this time."

He nodded with a smile as I pulled my headphones on again. I gave him a sweet smile before he started strumming again. Nodding my head with the beat, I began to sing. "Hey boy I'm waiting on you, I'm waiting on you, c'mon and let me sneak you out." I continued to sing the rest of the song, my voice smooth and controlled. One thing I always liked about my voice was how even and soft it was.

Once our the song was done, Andy grinned at me. "That was good. Now, we should do it again because there are just a few things I'd like to-"

Suddenly, the door swung open. "Addyson! You will not believe what just happened! Niall just asked me out! Like on a date! A real date, not a fake one! It's real!" Cal screamed with the look of a love-struck puppy.

I slowly turned my head to Andy, whose eyes were widened. Heat rose to my cheeks. "I am so sorry." He just laughed at me.

"What did I miss?" I groaned the familiar voice of Louis Tomlinson. He popped up next to Cal in the doorway, hands behind his back. "I had to sneak past a big scary guy to get in here this better be good."

"How did you even know where I was? There are a million studios in London." I asked, perplexed as Andy started to laugh uncontrollably.

"Nothing happened." Cal interjected. "Why do you always think something's going to happen?"

Louis gave me a glare. "I called you like six times! I had something important to tell you but you wouldn't answer my calls! After the sixth time I thought you got kidnapped so I drove here!"

My eyes involuntarily rolled to the ceiling. "I turned off my phone so you wouldn't interrupt us like I know you would have! We wouldn't have gotten through one track!"

Andy's laugh echoed throughout the room. "Are you two dating? Is there something you're not telling me?" Cal inquired, pointing between Andy and I.

"What? No!"

"You know, you may be recording a song, our song, in a studio but I still don't believe that you're actually a music major. This must be some sort of mistake and we're all just in some alternate universe."

"Hey! You're the bloke that attacked me with a Nerf gun!" Louis eye's widened before he scrambled away from the door and crouched behind me. It was then I noticed the yellow Nerf gun he was hiding behind his back.

Oh Lord.

"Louis William Tomlinson, you cannot attack people with Nerf guns that is not okay." I half-heartedly scolded, sending Andy an apologetic glance, though he was still laughing his trousers off.

A big man with large muscles and a dragon tattoo in his arm appeared in the spot Louis was previously standing. Cal took a step back as she saw the man come near here. His beady eyes searched the room before they landed behind my chair. "You! Get out here to I can talk to you properly!"

"Erm, sorry, but there's no one here at the moment?" Louis stated, though it sound much more like a question than a response.

The man shot me a look. I shrugged. "Must be a talking chair. Who knew?"

He narrowed his eyes at me before mumbling under his breath and turning around. "He...he didn't actually think that was a talking chair, did he?"

I narrowed my glare at Cal. Somehow, throughout this entire time, Andy had been laughing like there'a no tomorrow.

"Is he gone?" Louis asked, producing his Nerf gun as his defensive weapon. I flicked his forehead.


I stood in front of my two friends with my arms crossed over my chest, glaring down at them as they sat on my couch. Louis was relaxed, leaning back against the sofa with a 'life is just dandy over here in Tommo town' look on his face. Cal, on the other hand, was red in the face, looking down at her lap. I know she was still embarrassed about announcing her plans for Friday night to everyone who was within ten miles of her at the time. That girl, she looks quite and sweet but she's got a pair of lungs on her when she needs them.

"So, what's going on here? Why does Addy look like she wants to hit me over the head with a brick?" Louis not-so-quietly whispered to Cal.

The blonde looked up from her lap. "It's because she does. She's mad at us because we messed up her date with Andy the Puppy Dog Boy."

"It wasn't a date!" I yelled, waving my hands around madly, color rising in my face. "It was a project that'd due tomorrow that we needed to work on! Because of you two, I got banned for a week! That's a week I have to go with recording on my shitty laptop! Not to mention, that leaves Andy with taking one of the not-so-great runs and editing it until it sounds good!"

Louis's eyes widened and he puffed out his cheeks, blowing out air. "Well, I imagine he'd have to be in there a long time, with the way you sing."

Despite my anger, I managed a small smile, only to quickly wipe it off my face. "Don't be funny I'm mad at you."

"But Boo!" Oh god, not Boo. She knows that's my weakness, the puppy dog face with the combination of the childhood nickname we share. "Louis and I were just so excited about me and Niall! Plus, in Louis defense, he thought you were getting kidnapped or raped or something along those lines." To add onto her point, Louis nodded his head with his bottom lip pouted out. "Don't you love me Addy? Aren't you happy for me?'

I glared at her. How dare she pull that on me? She knows that's my weakness, I can tell by the way she's fighting off her smile to pout. I tried to hold my glare, but the both of them put on their best puppy dog faces, with their big blue eyes and cute faces. I kind of hated them for putting me under all this pressure, using my biggest weakness. With a sigh, I uncrossed my arms and gave them a somewhat condesending look. "If I don't get a bloody amazing grade on this project, you will suffer teh consequences. Until I find out what I get, you are forgiven."

The pair grinned and jumped on me. "I love you Addyson! You're the best!" Cal cried.

"No! I love Addyson more!' Louis protested.

Just an average day in the life of Addyson.
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