Truly, Madly, Deeply

According to her name, Addyson Grace should be powerful, strong, and well grounded. Unfortunatley, when her parents gave her the name, they didn't know she would be the complete opposite of her name. After her mother died and her father is put in prison, Addyson is weak, broken, and watching as the world crumbles beneth her knees. Her past haunts her, and she can't escape it. That is, until, she meets Niall Horan, the blonde, happy Irish guy with a strange determination to fix Addyson. Things seem to be falling into place for her, things seem to be perfect.

But of course, history repeats itself and her father has to ruin everything.


1. Chapter One: Ten Years

First One Direction fanfiction! I have it on Wattpad too (same username) so don't think someone (or I) stole this story. The same person wrote it!



Chapter One: Ten Years

I wrapped my arms around my knees, pulling them close to my chest, shaking. Tears blurred in my eyes. My mother pulled me up on her lap, kissing my temple. "Listen to me love, when Daddy comes I want you to get the phone and call 999, alright? Don't worry about me." She whispered into my ear, and I nodded.

"What's Daddy going to do to us mummy?" I asked as quietly as I could, looking at the lines of light shining on my mother faces from the closet door we were sitting behind.

Her arms snaked around my waist, squeezing me tight. I felt a drop on the top of my head as she rested her chin on me. "I don't know baby, I don't know."

My insides were churning, though I didn't even know what was happening. It was silent throughout the house, and I hoped that was a good thing. "You're going to be nine in a few weeks, baby."

I snuggled deeper into my mother's arms. "Not until March." I said, biting down on my lip. I knew what my mother was trying to do, clam me down with comforting words, but I was terrified nonetheless.

"March twenty-fifth. Do you know what that means?" I shook my head under her chin. "It means you're an Aries, a strong fighter and a good leader. It means that it's hard for people to take advantage of you. You're independent and in charge." She said, her tears now freely falling on the top of my head.

"What does that mean, mummy?"

The sound of the door clicking and opening and being slammed shut rang throughout the house. She kissed the top of my head again. "You'll understand when you're older." I knew what that meant, I had to be quite or Daddy would find me.

Footsteps could be heard, loud ones that were uneven and out of rhythm. My heartbeat was fast and loud, I was afraid that my father could hear it. The tears were now falling down my face. I could feel my mother' heart against my back. Thoughts ran through my head. I started to pray, for the first time in my life. I asked God for safety, and to help my mother and I. Hopefully He would hear me, and save my mother and I from the monster my father had become.

I heard the door open and close again, this time it was coming from this room. It was my room, painted pink with everything out neatly away. From the sound of rummaging, it was fair to assume it wasn't so clean any more. My entire body was shaking, no matter how strong my mother's arms were around me. I didn't breath, I didn't want him to hear me.

My efforts were to no avail, though, as my father swung the closet door open. At first, he didn't realize we were there, but then he looked down at my mother and I with a nasty glare. He grabbed me by the ear, yanking my out of my mother's arms and onto the floor of my bedroom. I landed on my face, trying to ignore the pain in my nose. "You will not touch my daughter." My mother said in a strong, authoritative voice, standing from the closet and approaching my father. I looked up to see him turn to her with a nasty smile.

"Oh really, and whose going to stop me?" He turned back to me with a chuckle, I tried to stand and run away like Mummy told me, but my mind was working. I was scared as my father came closer to me, slowly.

My mother came up from behind him, holding my princess lamp in her hands, nodding to me. She swung the lamp and hit my father. "I am." She said in that strong voice, and nodded at me as my father was turning around. I took the signal, and when my dad was no longer facing me, I ran as fast as I could out of the room, down the hall, and out of the house. I couldn't be there anymore.

I frantically ran up to the neighbor's house, noticing the blood dripping down my nose. I knocked on the door as loud as I could incessantly until the door was swung open by an annoyed looking man. Well, he was annoyed until he saw my face. "Are you alright there?"

Blood mixed with salty tears, my breathing out of control. "No! My mummy's in danger! I need to call 999, she told me to! She said daddy's doing bad things! She's in there with him now!"

Realization hit the man's face quickly, but he let me inside and grabbed the phone before it even did. He dialed the three little numbers, muttering things along the line of, 'should have known...could have done something...' He pressed the phone to his ear, but I yanked it from his grip, wanting to make sure someone was going to save my mummy.

"999, what's your emergency?" The chipper voice asked over the phone, and I wondered how that person could seem so happy. Who knows what my father was doing at this very moment?"

"My daddy's going to hurt my mummy! Please help me! He's alone with her now! Please help!" I cried desperately into the phone, sobbing. I was so afraid for her.

"Don't worry love, we'll be right there. Just hang in there and stay away from you father, alright?" I nodded, though she was unable to see me. I hung up the phone and turned to the man. He was staring blankly at me. I wondered if he would be able to save my mother, but doubted it. He was old and needed a cane to move. He was as much help as me.

He grabbed my hand and led me to his kitchen. I looked around at the pictures that hung on the wall. His family looked happy, well off. As far as I knew, this man had three adult children, who all had families of their own now. His wife was long past, but he spent everyday smiling. "Let's get that nose fixed up."

"Will my mummy be okay?" I asked, not really caring about my bloody nose. I didn't really care about anything but my mother at that moment.

The man let out a heavy sigh, and looked back at me. I could picture what he was seeing. A small eight year old girl with giant brown curls, big brown puppy dog eyes with tears welling up in them, and blood all over her face. "Everything will work out for the best, I promise. No matter what happens, everything will work out."

I nodded my head, for some reason trusting the old man. I could hear police sirens coming closer and closer, as the old man fixed up my nose. I ran outside, making sure they would go to the right house. A few of them ran up to the old man's house, but I shook my head, pointing to mine next door. "She's in there, go save her!" Realizing there mistake, they ran towards my house.

I awoke with a start, beads of sweat on my forehead. I sighed, realizing my dream, and why I had it. It was February tenth, the day that my mother died, ten years ago.

From here, it gets fuzzy. I remember a few details, like sitting on the grass with the old man, having him hold my hand as I waited for my mother to come out. I remember the ambulance, and a man dragging my father out into a police car as another came up to me and told me the news.

He told my mother was dead. He told me my father had killed her. I had lived with my Uncle Matt ever since.

Pushing myself up off the bed, I thought about today. It was one of the most important days of the year. It was my way of honoring my mother, going to her tombstone every year, bringing her flowers and just talking to her for a while. I would tell her about my life, tell her about how much I miss her and thank her for everything she's done for me. Now, since I'm eighteen, I intend to go out with a friend and attempt to drink until I feel numb.

I quickly ran a brush through my brown curls, they were the one thing about me that I loved, bouncing back up when the brush got through them. I put on a pair on nice skinny jeans and a button up top, grabbing my Converse and heading into the bathroom.

As I usually did this time of year, I looked like crap. Sighing I brushed my teeth and put on a small amount of make-up, not wanting to over do it. I skipped breakfast and ran down to my car. It was still dark out, and I wanted to make it to the grave at dawn, my mother's favorite time of the day. It was when everything woke up, and the world became beautiful once again.

For five in the morning, there was a substantial amount of people driving on the streets of London. I groaned, looking at the number of cars ahead of me. There had to be a quicker way to get there. As I got a little farther, I took a left turn onto a different, less crowded street. This was better, not being surrounded by cars. The sun was slowly rising. My foot put a little more pressure on the accelerator, wanting to get there quickly.

I'm not entirely sure what happened next, but I knew that there was a large impact and my car suddenly was spinning down the empty street. I held onto the steering wheel for dear life, just hoping I could make it to my mother's grave. When my car came to a stop, I jumped out the window, seeing that my car was now totally destroyed.

The person who was in the other car came running towards me. "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. Are you okay?" I heard them ask me, but I was frozen. How the hell was I suppose to get there now? My car was freaking ruined. Tears built up in my eyes. "Miss?"

My head snapped to the person, I was shocked to see a guy around my age with blonde hair, spiked up and a worried expression. There was something about his eyes though, the beautiful blue eyes. They looked just like my mother's, and I quickly found myself lost in them. "I-I... I'm sorry, but I have to get to the cemetery before sunrise. If I run there, I can make it and I promise I'll be right back, okay." He looked skeptical, as suspicion filled those eyes. "Please," I begged, "I need to see my mother."

This seemed to do it for him. "I'll drive you, and we'll come back. You'll make it there I promise." Gorgeous eyes with an Irish accent, to good to be true. I nodded, following him to his car and getting in. He started up the car quickly and drove in the direction I was headed before the collision. I wondered what made me trust him so much, maybe it was the eyes, but with my luck he could be a serial killer rapist. "I'm Niall, by the way." Niall, the serial killer rapist with gorgeous blue eyes. Nope, it didn't fit.

"Addisyn Grace. You can just call me Addisyn, though, the Grace is completely unnecessary to the name." He gave out a little chuckle, turning onto the road of our destination. The sun was just greeting us, and I smiled at my good timing. Well, actually it was terrible timing with a bit of good luck.

He pulled up to graveyard, and I practically jumped out of the car and ran to where my mother was buried. It was this time I noticed I didn't have any flowers for her. My knees hit the ground and I reached out to trace my fingers along her name, Ellie Jane Mason. "Hi mom." I said, my voice wavering. "I'm sorry I don't have any flowers for you, I just got in a car crash, but everything's alright, no one's hurt."

"Nothing much has changed since the last time I saw you. Uni's going great, my professor says he sees me having a large career in music." A single tear fell down my cheek, and I quickly wiped it off with the back of my hand. "I'm trying so hard to make you proud." I whispered, rubbing my thumb over the word, mother.

"I'm so sorry this is a terrible visit. I don't have a lot of time to be here with you. Someone drove me here, the person who I got in a car crash with. I hate to leave you, but I can't keep him waiting. I just want to let you know I love you so much, even though you've past. I'll never forget you, and I love you with all of my heart." I brought my fingers to my lips, kissing them and placing them on my mother's name. "I love you, and I'll be back soon."

Standing to leave, I brushed the dirt off my jeans and walked away from the grave, wiping my tears off my face. I made my way back to where Niall's car was, but found he wasn't there. His car, was, but he wasn't. I waited for a good ten minuets before he came back. "Where were you?"

A blush spread across his face. "Well, you didn't have any flowers for your mum, presumably my fault, so I got some and put them on what I hope was the grave I saw you at. Ellie Mason, right?" I nodded. "I left a note saying they're from you."

I felt touched by the thing this stranger has done for me, though a small smile made it's way on my face. "Thank you so much for doing that."

He shrugged. "Don't worry about it. Now, let's go get this whole car thing sorted out."

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