Never Ending Love Between Us

Sam is best friends with the famous Zayn Malik from One Direction. But what happens when they want much more with each other and they will do anything for one another?


1. Becoming Friends

Sam's P.O.V.

"Really Jeff? Really? You are seriously having your friends over when I need to study for my huge exam tomorrow?"

"Yes. I have to. I need to get advice from them on if I should break up with Lydia. Why is it such a big deal if I have them over?" he says walking away from the living room.

"I have a giant ass exam tomorrow and I need to pass it. If I don't then I fail the course and I have to take it again second semester. I need this to graduate. You already graduated, I need my time to study. And why can't you just text them and get advice?" I yell to him.

"Because I can't. Oh and Marcus is bringing his cousin since his cousin is there for a few days. Maybe you guys can do something. I don't know." he yells back and then walking out of the kitchen to his bedroom.

God damn it. He seriously has to have his annoying ass friend over when I have to study for my exam. This exam is huge, it all counts. If I fail, I can't graduate. Fuck him.

*an hour later*

"Hey guys! Thanks for coming. I really need help with this thing." I can hear Jeff say from the front door.

I hear them turn the corner and I look up to see them. Jacob, Brian and Marcus are like my three other brothers that I never had. They always stick up for me and when something happens and Jeff can't handle it, they help me and him with it.

"Hey Sam!" Jacob says.

"What's up Sam?" Brian says waving his hand.

"Hey Sam." Marcus says coming into the living room. "This is my cousin Zayn."

The boy standing next to him looked familiar. I couldn't think of where he was from.

"Hi Zayn." I said waving and getting up.

"Hi Sam." he says waving back.

"Ok. So I have to go over stuff with the boys, so you two go and do whatever. If you go out, be back by midnight." Jeff says and then walking out of the living room and up to his room with the other boys following him.

"So, Zayn. That's a pretty cool name." I said sitting back down n my pile of notes and textbooks with my flash-cards.

"Yea. I guess." he says still standing there.

"You can come and sit next to me if you want. I am just studying because I have a huge exam tomorrow on everything I have learned throughout the school year." I said to him starting pack some of the stuff away.

"What do you need to know?" he says coming over and sitting next to me looking at what I had to know.

"Calculus, AP English, AP Art History, European History, and Physics." I said to him.

"Wow. That's a lot. I do know some European History since I am always traveling to Europe and those countries and I live there. So maybe I can help you study with that?" he says smiling at me.

"That would be great! Thank you so much! And your from Europe. That's awesome. What country?" 

"I'm from England."

"I just went there last summer with my school for a school trip. That is an awesome place. And you sad you traveled around Europe all the time? What do you do?" I ask him. I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn't think of where he was from.

"I am in a band called, One Direction. Let me guess, you have heard of us but never really liked our music, huh?" he asks looking at me.

"I know who you are. Haha! I just didn't recgonize you for a second. But that is so cool. That must be so much fun. Traveling all over the world. But what are you doing in America?" I ask him trying to find my European History textbook and notes.

"I am visiting Marcus and the family. I just haven't been able to see them for a long time. I am on tour break so I decided to come and visit them. If I had known, you brother might have needed him, I may of had stayed at there house." he says looking around the living room.

"Oh. That's fun. Haha! Yea, my brother is an ass. Just don't listen to him or do what he says, he gets people in a lot of trouble." I said starting to laugh.

"That's uh... fun. I guess?" he says. "Now, lets get started on the studying, shall we?"

Jeff's P.O.V.

Ok, guys. I didn't call you over here for help to help me break-up with Lydia. I do need to talk to you about her though." I said to the guys sitting on couch in my room.

"What? Did you do something to her?" Brian asks him.

"No dumbass. I didn't do anything to her."

"Let me guess, you got her pregnant?" Marcus asks rolling his eyes.

"Yea. I did. Guys, I am screwed. My parents already hate me because of how many times I have been in jail and court. I am surprised they are even letting me stay here."

"You haven't told them you knocked someone up?" Jacob asks with his mouth hanging open.

"No. I haven't. I haven't told Sam yet either."

"You gotta tell them soon. I mean when I got Amanda pregnant, she and I told our parents as soon as possible and they were mad, but then they helped us through it. Now we have our little baby boy, Sean." Brian says.

"Yea. But your not an alcoholic, a drug addict and seller, you don't hook up with every girl you see, you have never been to court or jail. I am all of those things and I have been in jail and court so many times. They won't understand. They never will."

Sam's P.O.V.

"Wow. You are really smart at this stuff." I said to him when we finished studying after 2 hours.

The boys still weren't done with their talk, so I asked Zayn if he wanted to do anything.

"Umm.. how about we just take a walk outside and get to know each other?" he asks standing up and holding out his hand and helped me up.

"Sure. That sounds like a good idea." I said and I went and grabbed my jacket and we both walked outside.

We walked for awhile and we talked about ourselves. We noticed that we had a lot in common. We then started to head back. We exchanged phone numbers. When we got back the boys had finished and they were getting ready to leave. I said by to all of them.

I went back upstairs and showered and then got changed and when I went into my room and checked my phone I had a new message from Zayn:

Zayn: I had an awesome time with you tonight!

Me: I did to. Thanks for helping me study

Zayn: Anytime. GOOD LUCK! text me when you finished!

Me: Ok. Goodnight!:)

Zayn: Goodnight best friend(: <3

And with that I fell asleep with the thought that I was best friends with a famous person.



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