Truly Madly Deeply [ COMPLETE ]

Kimberly has been through alot in her life and just recently her parents died in a car accident so she has been living with her brother Harry. Harry got a best friend who goes by the name Louis.
Louis and Kimberly isn't on good terms at all, all they do is tease each other ever chance they get. But what happens when Louis starts feeling something for her?


2. Why would anyone like me?

P.S Before reading this chapter, To make it even better listen to Taylor Swift - I knew you were trouble :)

I opened the door carefully, My stomach still hurt from all the kicking and it hurt when I moved even an inch. "Kimberly?" Harry screamed from his room. I couldn't yell back but I tried. "Y-Y-es?" My voice let me down as I yelled back. I grabbed my stomach and fell down on my knees. Harry came calmly down the stairs, when he saw me, he ran down to me. "Omg Kimberly! What's wrong?" He asked and pat my back, I knew I couldn't tell him what really happened. It didn't want him to worry, he had enough to worry about.

"Oh It's probably nothing." I smiled weakly and tried to stand up, Ignoring the pain in my stomach. I stumbled up the stairs and into my room, I could feel Harry's eyes burning in my back. I didn't dare turning around and facing him, afraid that my tears that was on the edge would fall.

I dragged off my shirt and went to the mirror. I inspected my stomach which was purple where the guy kicked me. It was a really big bruise. I softly touched it.

When my door slammed open and in came Harry. "WHAT IS THAT?!" he yelled angry and pointed to my stomach, I screamed and put on my shirt. "DON'T JUST WALK IN HERE!" I yelled back. "Well it was YOU that was acting really weird!" He yelled back and walked over to me and pulled up my shirt and inspected my stomach the same way I did.

"Who has done this to you?" He whispered and looked into my eyes. "I-I ..." I started. "I fell down the stairs and into a persons elbow. I didn't want to worry you. No one did this to me, It was an accident." I lied. I just couldn't bare myself to tell him the truth. He stared at me as if he knew I was lying. I stared back trying hard to cover my lie.

He let go of my shirt and walked out without saying anything. I hated it when Harry was angry.

I sighed and sat down on my bed. I heard someone knocking on my door and slowly opened it without my permission. In came Louis.

"I heard yelling, what's up?" He asked. I stared confused at him, why would he care? He never had before so why all of a sudden?

"Why do you care?" I asked and looked away. "Well sorry for being worried someone was killed. But then again who would kill an unattractive girl like you?" He smirked, I turned my head to him and glared at him. "Get out." I whispered angry as I started to walk towards him. "Look I'm sorry." He started and nervously dragged his fingers through his hair. "Get. Out." I said again when I was 10cm from him. He looked deeply into my eyes. And then he did something I'd never thought he would do,

He pressed his lips against mine. LOUIS TOMLINSON KISSED ME! I was trying to push him off but he just wouldn't let me go. Finally I stopped fighting my heart and kissed him back. I could feel his smile as he kissed me.

Soo! What did ya think? :D Louis Kissed Kimberly! Do you think he's in love with her or just taking advantage of the situation?  And what did you think of Zayn in the previous chapter? Should he appear more? :)

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Love ya all xoxo

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