Truly Madly Deeply [ COMPLETE ]

Kimberly has been through alot in her life and just recently her parents died in a car accident so she has been living with her brother Harry. Harry got a best friend who goes by the name Louis.
Louis and Kimberly isn't on good terms at all, all they do is tease each other ever chance they get. But what happens when Louis starts feeling something for her?


8. Lifeless..

Louis' P.O.V

Everything just stopped. She wasn't breathing... I shook my head hard and stared at her. I took up my cellphone and called 911.

"Hello, 911. How can I help you?" The lady in the phone asked. "MY GI- EHM MY FRIEND ISN'T BREATHING! HER ARM IS BLOODY AND THERE WAS A BOTTLE OF SLEEPING PILLS ON THE FLOOR!" I yelled in the phone, I heard steps coming closer.

 I turned around and there was Beau, he looked different, like real different. He was pale white and he just stared at her. "I'll send an ambulance to your place, mind telling me where you are?" She asked, I concentrated on the lady in the phone again.

Beau's P.O.V

I walked to the bathroom because I heard Louis talk to someone, when I came to the door all I could see was one thing. Kimberly. She just layed there on the floor, Lifeless..

My heart stopped beating, I felt how my face started to turn pale. I started to get dizzy. Louis looked at me with a "What should we do?!" - look, I opened my mouth to talk but no words came out. Just air..

Soooo, that was just a short filler, I'm currently writing down all the new chapters, So I will post one real soon! Thank you so much for being patient and I know this isn't the best filler .... but better than nothing, right? :)

I kinda need help with idea's so If anyone got some ideas just kik me or imessage me!

Kik; kiimpaan  iMessage; or  think hotmail is right ^^

Love u xoxo

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