Truly Madly Deeply [ COMPLETE ]

Kimberly has been through alot in her life and just recently her parents died in a car accident so she has been living with her brother Harry. Harry got a best friend who goes by the name Louis.
Louis and Kimberly isn't on good terms at all, all they do is tease each other ever chance they get. But what happens when Louis starts feeling something for her?


10. Don't leave me.




3 years later

Kimberly's P.O.V

I actually can't believe it has been 3 years since I got cancer. I have slowly been getting better, Louis and I were still together, He proposed to me 1 year ago, I said yes but we decided to wait until I got mch better which I am now, Oh yeah! I'm pregnant too, my baby is born in 1 month. We are really happy together and I'm so happy that I'm still alive. Beau had a girlfriend called Claire, they are getting married in about 2 months, I hope I'm still alive til then, the doctor told me and only me that by having this baby would mean the end for me... Louis doesn't know yet.. and I don't plan to tell him. I don't want our last month together to be a "careful/sad" month. I want us to enjoy ourselves without thinking of it.

Louis' P.O.V

Since Kimberly isn't allowed to leave her bed when she is pregnant I'm going to have a suprise dinner in bed for her.

I was down in the kitchen preparing the meal, I was making grilled chicken with potatoes and sallad. It's her favorite.

"Louis! What is that smell?" She yelled from her room. "Nothing honey!" I yelled back smiling and continued with the meal. She is my world, she makes me whole, this is the least I can do for her.


I walked up the stairs to her bedroom and slowly opened, she sat there reading the magazine just as she did that day 3 years ago. She put down the magazine and turned to me with a big smile. "You made me dinner?" she chuckled

I nodded and gave her the brick of food, She looked at the food then looked quickly at me and smiled and started to eat.


"OMG that was sooooo good!" She sighed and held her stomach, she threw her brown long hair back and took my hands. "Louis. This baby is your star. Your own star. Every breath she takes, every step she takes will be with you..." She started. I stared at her, "Baby what do u..." I said, "Shh, let me continue. No matter where I am, you'll never be lonely, you'll always have a piece of me with you. Remember that I will always love you and her. I'll always watch over you." She continued. I looked up into her eyes and she was crying. "Baby why are you telling me this?" I asked trying to hold in my tears. "Because If something goes wrong and I die, I want you to know this. That I will always love you, Even if you remarries" she said and chuckled at the last thing she said.

I chuckled too and tears started to fall, I kissed her long and soft then put my forhead on her and we laughed.


Today we are having a baby shower, I know late but Kimberly wanted to have one and she couldnt earlier because she wasn't feeling well. Beau, Clarie, Harry, Luke and Jai are the only ones coming.

"Babe, Can you help me change?" She called. "Yeah I'm coming." I said and jogged to the room. She were in her wheelchair since the doctor said that if she really HAD to move, she would have to use that one, she wasn't allowed to walk.

"I want to wear that one!" She smiled and pointed at her navy blue High and Low dress. I picked it down and helped her get dressed.

When we were done, we went to the livingroom.

"Hii honey!" Clarie said and ran over to hug her, Beau came and gave me a man hug, the rest of the guys were talking to Kimberly, She looked so happy.

"So have you guys come up with a name for her yet?" Harry asked. I shook my head and looked over to Kimberly, I let her decide name because I'll love which ever name she chooses.

"I have decided that her name will be Alix Harry Jake Tomlinson" She smiled.

"Omg I love it" Clarie said, Harry stood there with tears in his eyes and Beau, Jai And Luke smiled.


"Time for Cake!" Kimberly yelled, I went out in the kitchen to get the cake. When I heard. "Kimberly?! What's wrong?!" Harry yelled. I released the cake and ran into the living room again.

she was on the ground, Lifeless.. I pulled up my phone and called 911.

"Hello, What's your emergancy?" the lady asked. "M-My fiance isn't moving, she is pregnant." I said. She asked me some questions and the ambulance was here a few minutes after.


No ones P.O.V

Kimberly went into surgery, Well in there they took out the baby as fast as they could and they tried everything they could to revive her. They tried for hours, but she didn't wake up..

In the waiting room, Louis sat crying his eyes out. He thought back to what she said the day before.

Harry walked back and forth in the waiting room, not wanting to sit down and relax.

Beau who still had some feelings sat in the sofa and just stared on the wall.

Jai were in the bathroom and cried, he didn't want to cry infront of the others, afraid he'd trigger them to cry too.

Luke sat and took deep breathes to stop crying so hard. It didn't work.

Clarie had gone home, she couldn't take the pressure.


Louis' P.O.V

This is just like that day 3 years ago. The waiting, the tension, the tears.

"I'm Sorry..." I heard someone say. "No.." I said and looked at the doctor, "We did everything..." He continued. I just shook my head. "But Your daughter is alive and well." He continued. I quickly looked up at him. "This was what she meant when she told me all those stuff about leaving but still be watching me. Did you know that she would die?" I grabbed the doctors collar and asked him.

"Well she had 99.7% chance of not surviving this pregnancy in her condition.... I thought she tell you I told her this" He said.

"She didn't.... So she was saying goodbye that day?" I said and fell down on my knees.


2 years later

I had just put Alix to sleep, I went to start with the dinner.

"where the hell is the cooking book?" I asked myself and went to the book shelf to look for it.

"ahh there it is!" I said and grabbed it. Something fell out of it.

It was a letter, I picked it up and opened it while sitting down in the couch.

" Hey Louis, Knowing you, you'd probably have found this 1-2 years after that day haha, And this is the only book you'd ever touch so I put it in here.

Now I'm probably not there with you guys anymore. Alix has grown up so much and is probably as cute as her father. That day I told you all those stuff about a star and watching over you was my goodbye to you.

 I had been feeling weak the last days so I felt that I wouldn't be around for so much longer. I'm actually writing this letter while you are downstairs preparing the cake for todays baby shower. BTW IT SMELLS SOOO GOOD. haha.

Louis, Take good care of Alix, don't be sad forever. You need to start dating again.

I have always loved you, Ever since I was a little girl, I just didn't know it until later. I will still love you in heaven. And I will always love Alix and watch over her. You two mean the world to me. You guys ARE my world. You gave me a chance to be myself even though I was sick. You were always there through my worst days. And Now I can't repay you...

When I was really sad a time in my life, Harry were the one that brought me up on my legs again. Tell him that I love him now and always and Thank you for saving me.

Omg you are on your way up haha, I'm ending this letter now. I love you so much. Please tell Alix everynight that I love her so much and I watch over her all the time.



I can't stop crying.

I miss her so much and this letter... why didn't I find this earlier?! She sounded so happy in this letter.

I sat there crying for hours. I never got the dinner done.

"I love you too.." I whispered crying and fell asleep on the couch.




Hi guuuys... So this is the end. I can't believe I'm done with this movella as well. I cried while writing this chapter. I'm sorry for updating so bad :/ And btw R.I.P Cory Monteith, All my prayers are to all the Gleeks and Corys family.

I just want to thank you guys for everything. All the sweet comments and feedback. You have been so supportive. I hope you enjoyed this movella! I love you all xx Please leave a comment or two !  And I'm sorry if you hate the ending :/ I loved it though haha.






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