Was it Fate?

All I remember was I was on a plane, I heard One Direction was flying, and then we hit turbulance. Normal, right? Then I heard a big noise and I knew the tail fell off but I couldn't bring myself to look back. We were going to crash. No, we were all going to die. After that everything was a blur. Everything went black. When I woke up I was surrounded by smoke and screaming people. We crashed on an island. No one's here to rescue us. We're lost. Was it fate? Was this supposed to happen? Was I supposed to be stranded on an island with One Direction, my best friend, and a few other girls? Will we ever go home?


4. Dinner Is Served

Hayley's P.O.V:

We all sat down in a circle, our spoils spread out before us. There was plenty of fruit and we had hollowed out some coconut shells and filled them with water. An awkward silence seemed to descend on the group as we ate. I think everyone was still recovering from the shock. No one really wanted to speak. The girl Ivy was crying quietly, probably over the loss of her friend. Harry had an arm around her, trying to give her some comfort. The other two girls, Felicia and Melissa had finished eating and were staring forward into space. Taylor was busy talking to her idols, the members of One Direction. You might think it was weird that she could be so upbeat and hyper but I knew it was just a mask. She was trying to distract herself so she wouldn't start to think to much about the situation. I suppose I should be doing that as well but I wasn't. I was staring down at my food but not eating. I was too wound up.

How will we escape? How will we survive? What if something attacks us again? I felt someone sit down next to me and I expelled the bad thoughts from my head. There was no use in worrying now. I looked over to see Louis sat next to me, a somber expression on his face. It's clear I wasn't the only one who was worrying.

"Hey" I said softly. He didn't reply for a while, it seemed like he was having a battle in his head, trying to decide what he wanted to say to me. In the end it seemed he just gave up and settled for saying a simple 'hey' back to me. It was silent between us for a while before I decided to speak up.

"You know what I miss most right now?" I asked him. He looked down at me, his gorgeous eyes boring into mine with a slight hint of amusement in them.


"Loo roll." I said.

He laughed. His smile was pure, genuine. Like sunshine through a raindrop. I couldn't help but smile back. 

"Come 'ere. I want to show you something." He said, standing up and reaching down to me. I accepted his hand and followed him into the woods. The light shone through the trees, lighting his face up under a spot light. The glint in his eyes was like he was happy, that all the pain was hidden far from the surface. But it was still there.

"Where are we going?" He was silent. I continued to follow him until we reached an opening. It was dark and wet, like a cave, and I heard the faint sound of a rippling noise, almost like... water?

He pulled me into the cave. It was dark and musty. I clung to his arm while he led me through the tunnel, I saw a dim light at the end.

"No way..." I whispered under my breath, letting go of Louis and jogging into the open space. It was indeed a cave, with a flowing river that dropped into a small water fall, and there was a hole in the roof allowing just the right amount of light in to brighten the room up. It was beautiful.

"You like?"

"Like? I love this! When did you find it?" I said, walking along the edges of the cave, dragging my fingers across the damp and rigid wall.

"Last night, while everyone was asleep. When I first woke up, I didn't know what was happening, so I explored. I thought it was just a dream, but I came back to see if it was real and here it is." He explained, motioning to room around us. I smiled. It's perfect.

I thought for a moment before looking back up at Louis. "Hey, why don't we keep this a secret, like a special place just for us?" He seemed to mull it over in his head first before seemingly deciding it was a good idea and nodding his head. Now this place really was perfect.

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