Unforgettable *A Harry Styles One Direction Love Story*

Chastity works at a popular radio station in London. Harry is one of the most famous teenage boys in the world. When Chastity first meets Harry she doesn't think much of it, and that makes him determined to win her heart. It doesn't seem like fate will have it any other way. Chastity soon realizes that there's more to Harry than fame and fortune.Love. Drama. One Direction.


2. Thoughts

      Chastity's POV

       After hearing my statement and congratulating me, Brandon explained that the concert would be in a month and a half. The whole ordeal didn't impress me too much, but I had to admit I was a bit excited. They were, after all, the most famous boy band in the world, and it isn't everyday that you get to meet someone with that much stardom. Once I was off air, my shift was over and I went to the back room to gather my things. I grabbed my purse and jacket and proceeded out the door. My car was quite a few blocks down the street, so I figured I might as well stop at the little coffee shop on the way there. I stepped into the cafe and hung my jacket on the coat hanger by the door.  

       It was pretty empty in there except for a couple in their thirties by the window and in the back two boys. One curly-haired and one blonde, both looking about 18,  the same age as me. This was my first time here so, being unfamiliar with the menu, I stood back and scanned through my choices. After taking about a minute of trying to decide between iced coffee and a latte, I decided to go with the latte. It was an especially chilly day in London, and I could always come back and try the iced another time. The two boys had gotten up and were crossing the room towards the exit. I quickly ordered and, in my haste, managed to drop all the money I had to pay the cashier. As I bent down to retrieve the fallen coins, I realized that someone had already beat me to it. 

       It was the curly-haired boy. He lifted his head and I immediately recognized him as Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. The blonde was already walking out the door, but it must have been Niall Horan. He dropped the loose money into my hand. "Here you go," he said, flashing a winning smile."Thanks, " I replied, offering a small grin in return. There was an awkward silence for a few moments as he just stood there and stared at me. I was starting to get creeped out. "I'm Harry," he said, offering his hand. I gently shook it and had to admit, he had undeniably soft hands. When I didn't react he got a puzzled look on his face. It was as if he thought saying his name would confirm my suspicion that he was THE Harry Styles from THE One Direction. It did confirm even more what I already knew, and it still had no affect. When he realized this, he became even more puzzled as to why I wasn't jumping up and down and asking for an autograph or picture.

       "And I'm Chastity," I said back, widening my grin a bit so that I wouldn't seem too cold. I was obviously winning this game. "Lovely to meet you Chastity, and what a beautiful name," he stated, kissing my hand like I was some kind of princess. It surprised me that he was trying so hard just to get MY attention when he could get any girl he wanted with a snap of his fingers. "Why, thank you Harry," he then wore a sly grin on his face like he was catching on to our little game. He slipped a small piece of paper into my pocket and walked out the door. And just like that, I had Harry Styles' number. Likely to be the most famous teenage boy in the world. But I still wasn't too impressed.

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