Unforgettable *A Harry Styles One Direction Love Story*

Chastity works at a popular radio station in London. Harry is one of the most famous teenage boys in the world. When Chastity first meets Harry she doesn't think much of it, and that makes him determined to win her heart. It doesn't seem like fate will have it any other way. Chastity soon realizes that there's more to Harry than fame and fortune.Love. Drama. One Direction.


5. So We Meet Again

Chastity's POV

       Harry and I texted for what seemed like seconds, but when I glanced at the clock, I found that two hours had passed already. Sorry, but It's getting late and I've got to get up really early tomorrow for an interview. I think I should go to bed. Goodnight, love.;)  Harry said. I could just picture the words sliding off of his lips and snaking into my ears, followed by a trademark wink. He really was a sweet guy, even if he was a celebrity. There could really be some space for something serious there, but I wasn't going to let him know that. Being like every other fan on the face of the planet would be no fun. I can't believe I was playing hard to get with Harry Styles, whom any other normal girl would run to in a heartbeat.

       The next morning, I walked into work in my usual getup, jeans and an over sized sweatshirt. It didn't really matter what I wore to the station. It's not like Brandon cares. Besides, the only people I ever see are bands we interview, and I didn't have anyone booked for today. You also couldn't exactly hear my clothes screaming out how bummy I look through the radio. Although sometimes I'm half worried that they just might start. I sat down at my desk, sifting through old interview records of mine. I had finished all of my work yesterday, and there wasn't anything better to do. Just then, Brandon popped his head into my office. "Hey Chas, I know that it's super last minute, but I've got a really important interview that I just scheduled yesterday for three o'clock. Do you think you can handle it?" Of course, there goes Brandon being his same last minute self. I feel like if I wasn't here, the whole place would have been up in flames long ago. I sighed," I guess. Who is it?" "Oh, uhm," he looked at the paper in his hand," One Direction."

       I raised my eyebrows. "One Direction?" I asked, fixing him with a quizzical look. "Yep, seems to be," he replied, slightly hopping back and forth on his toes. "Can we please talk about this later? I'm afraid the toilet is calling," he said, turning and exiting without an answer. I'm not sure what he meant by later considering the fact that it was already 2:45! I was going to see Harry, er, One Direction in fifteen minutes, and I couldn't so much as change out of the horrid clothes I was sporting. Hopefully, I could at least get started on some questions. I suppose that this was the interview Harry was talking about yesterday. I just don't quite understand why Brandon couldn't have told me sooner. We were too good of friends for me to be mad at him, but perhaps I could at least pretend and maybe teach him a lesson.

       After about ten minutes of trying pitifully to get myself into some type of order, my desk was full of scattered papers, I only had about three questions done, my hair and overall appearance was about four times worse than before, and, to top it all off, I only had five minutes to at least bring a bit of sense to this mess. Brandon was still up in the booth, mindlessly searching through tunes to add to the playlist. If only he could help with the train wreck that was my office, and, might I add, me. That's all he ever did; was sit in there. Doing what, I'll never understand. It can't honestly take up all of one's time to pick a few tracks to last a couple of hours. But he's Brandon, and apparently, as he always said, there was a method to his madness. Starting to finally sort out some of the catastrophe in my office, I saw I flash of curl walk into the station, and started to panic.

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