Unforgettable *A Harry Styles One Direction Love Story*

Chastity works at a popular radio station in London. Harry is one of the most famous teenage boys in the world. When Chastity first meets Harry she doesn't think much of it, and that makes him determined to win her heart. It doesn't seem like fate will have it any other way. Chastity soon realizes that there's more to Harry than fame and fortune.Love. Drama. One Direction.


7. Guilt

  Chastity's POV    


       I felt bad for yelling at Harry, but he deserved it. It didn't really matter to me that he wasn't going to be in the interview, but it might matter to Brandon, or the hundreds of fans wanting to hear all five of the guys on the radio. To be honest, I think I've had ebought fame for one day, and it didn't even really start yet. I have to do the stupid interview, though.

       I gathered up all of my god-awful questions that I had whipped up last minute and started out towards the boys. Upon my entrance, Louis immediately stood up.  "What'd you do to him?" he asked, more curiously than angrily.

       "I just, well, I just talked to him," I replied, shrugging my shoulders. 

       "Obviously not! The dude just stormed out of here!" Niall was up now, and he looked a bit angry. 

       I gave the four of them an apologetic look. "Look, I'm sorry, but he barged into my office. All I did was defend myself."

       Niall's eyes widened. and he approached me. "You mean he attacked you?"

       I pushed him away from me. "No, no. I meant with my words. He was being a jerk."

       Zayn seemed to be zoned out, with his elbows on knees and staring at the floor, but he, too added to the conversation. "He can be big-headed sometimes."

       The other boys nodded in agreement, and I rolled my eyes. "Well, I suppose I just won't put up with that."

       Louis bit his lip and put his hand on his hips. After a few moments of this thoughtful stance, he pulled his phone out of his pocket. "I'll call him. I'll find him. Don't worry."

       I sighed and looked at the clock. 3:55. Five minutes until the interview was meant to start. At this rate, I could hardly see how that was going to happen. I turned and walked back into my office, aware that Liam was following me. As I sat down, he shut the door.

       "I don't understand. All he was doing was texting you last night. You two seemed to really be getting on well. What happened?" He asked, leaning against the wall.

       "I don't know. I just don't believe that he would actually care for someone like me," I replied.

       An offended look came across his face. "Well, we're just normal people like everybody else. We are capable of real love. Even with 'people like you'," he said, forming quotes with his fingers.

       "I understand. I'm sorry. But I do know for a fact that fame gets to people's head."

       "That's more of a reason to give him a chance! He needs one more than any of us. Yes, the fame gets to his head, but you're just the person to bring him back down to earth. He has problems dealing with the stress of fame. He needs help. He needs your help."

       I squinted my eyes and cocked my head, thinking about what Liam just said. Maybe I was being too hard on him. I had no idea what he was going through, what kind of pressures he faced on a daily basis. Maybe he just needed someone to care about him, to love him. I wasn't sure if I could yet, but there was no harm in trying and seeing where it went.  "I'll see what I can do."



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