Unforgettable *A Harry Styles One Direction Love Story*

Chastity works at a popular radio station in London. Harry is one of the most famous teenage boys in the world. When Chastity first meets Harry she doesn't think much of it, and that makes him determined to win her heart. It doesn't seem like fate will have it any other way. Chastity soon realizes that there's more to Harry than fame and fortune.Love. Drama. One Direction.


9. Date Night

Chastity's POV

       I awoke with a start. My phone was on the small table beside me, buzzing. I picked it up groggily. 

       It was Harry.

       Before I could decide whether to press answer or decline, I had missed it. I was prepared to call back when another buzz came through. It was a text. Opening it, I saw that it was also from him. 

       Hey, Chastity. I'm sry about today. But I want to make it up to you.

       Ok, I replied quickly.

       Pick you up at 8?


      I rubbed my eyes and looked at the top of the screen for the time. It was already seven. How was I ever go to get home and be ready in time? I hopped off the couch and shoved my phone back into my pocket. I locked up the booth and then frantically went back to my office, sliding my feet into my shoes. After shutting down my computer, I grabbed my jacket and flew out of the building, turning off lights and locking doors as I went. 

       My car was waiting for me out front, but I had to sit still for a few moments while the engine fought of the icy grip of winter. Pulling out of my spot along the street, I raced home. During the ride, I kept my eyes peeled for police. I was fairly sure I had passed the speed limit. 

       When I got home, it was 7:30. I made a mad dash to the closet, stripped down, and changed into a cute dress that could be passed off as dressy or casual. I had my hair finished and was halfway through my second coat of mascara when there was a soft knock on the front door of my apartment. I jabbed the wand back in the tube and swiftly started toward the door, slipping on my favorite pumps as I went.

        Swinging the door open, I was bombarded by a dazzling white smile and a head of curls. Harry's eyes widened at the sight of me and made a slow descent from the top of my head to my painted toes sticking out of the peep-toe pumps. I looked down, blushing.

       "Wow, you look... stunning," Harry said, eyes glittering.

       "Thank you," I replied modestly.

       He stood there for a few moments, an awkward silence beginning to form. "Well, are you ready?"

       I smiled brightly. "As ready as I'll ever be." That was a lie, made evident by my uneven eyelashes. "Where are we going?"

       "Now that, my dear, is a secret." He shot me a coy smile and held out his arm. I accepted the gesture by entwining my elbow in his. We walked down to his car without word, and most of the trip to wherever we were going was also executed in this manner.

       At one point, he looked over at me, placing a hand on my thigh. This made me a bit uncomfortable, but I didn't argue. "You really do look lovely."

       I didn't say anything, but smiled back. A  few minutes later, we parked along a busy street and entered a fancy apartment building. He took me up several floors to what appeared to be the penthouse. Upon entering, I was overcome by the smell of gourmet food and scented candles. The scene in front of me looked like something from a romance novel. There was a table decorated with candles and rose petals, also draped in delicious looking food. I was slightly aware of quiet piano music playing, but was more focused on the beautiful arrangement on the table.

       "Oh, Harry..." I said, fairly awestruck.

       He came up behind me, pulling my jacket off of my shoulders and talking softly into my ear. "A girl like you deserves so much more than some mediocre date night."

       Goosebumps raced across my skin and I was sure I was blushing.


       Throughout dinner, the two of us talked about anything and everything. Harry apologized several times and so did I. Before too long we seemed to be back on our extremely flirtatious terms. At least a couple of hours must have passed before I realized what time it was. 

       "I should really be getting home. I didn't see what time it was."

       Harry looked a bit upset at the news, but nodded in agreement. I stood  and proceeded toward the door, but was suddenly pulled back by strong hands around my waist. My breath caught in my throat as I was held closer to Harry's chest. His hands moved up the sides of my body until they were resting on my cheeks. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine, and my heart beat picked up as I struggled to keep up with the fast-paced and intense kiss. He kissed me with almost a hunger, like he needed it to survive. His lips moved down to my neck, and I thought I was going to melt. 

       "Harry..." I said softly, breathing heavily. He didn't answer, but continued moving his hands up and down my body, through my hair, over my stomach. I wasn't sure how we had ended up on the couch, but we were there, and the kiss was deepening. His lips were back on mine, and my fingers were laced through his curly hair. I felt his hand starting to tug at the hem of my dress, and I pulled away from the kiss. 

       "Harry, I can't. Not yet." 

       He looked at me for a few moments, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Ok."

       Rising up off of me, he sat back down on the couch. I shifted next to him, wrapping an arm around his waist and rest my head on his chest. I could feel his steady heartbeat on the side of my face, and warmth spread through me.

       We stayed like that for several minutes, until I let out a long yawn and Harry said he better get me home. I followed him back down to the car and held on to one of his hands on the ride back. Being a gentleman, he walked me up to the apartment. 

       "Chastity, you... you mean a lot to me."

       Before I could reply, he kissed me on the cheek and was descending the stairs back down to the street. I smiled and went into my bedroom. I was thinking about him up until the very last moment that I was awake.


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