Unforgettable *A Harry Styles One Direction Love Story*

Chastity works at a popular radio station in London. Harry is one of the most famous teenage boys in the world. When Chastity first meets Harry she doesn't think much of it, and that makes him determined to win her heart. It doesn't seem like fate will have it any other way. Chastity soon realizes that there's more to Harry than fame and fortune.Love. Drama. One Direction.


4. Biggest Fan (Short Chapter)

Harry's POV 

       Excuse me, but, i was just wondering who this was?It said. I guess it wasn't her. Well, It's Harry. Where did you get this number? Who are you? I replied, a bit confused. People don't just have my number. I really hope it didn't leak online again. That was a mess last time. I got an answer almost immediately. Harry who? the person said. Harry Styles. Now can you please tell me who this is? I replied, becoming a bit impatient with this persons lack of answering my questions. No way, Harry STYLES?!?! OMG !! I found this number in the trash can at that one coffee place. I can't even believe I'm talking to Harry Styles right now! This is like a dream come true! I'm your biggest fan, will you mar-. I closed the text and set my phone on the floor. As much as I loved my fans, they weren't as easy to love when they had your number. I can't believe Chastity threw away my number! I really would've liked her to text or call me. I watched a few minutes of Lion King, which Liam had chosen for us to watch, of course.

       My phone buzzed again, and I picked it up, hoping that it wouldn't be the same girl. Harry? the text read. Of course, it was my biggest fan. Look, I like my fans, I really do, but this is my private number and I really can't have it going out to the public. I replied, hoping that this person would stop texting me. A minute later, I got another text. Haha!! I got you!! It's Chastity :) I looked at the text and smiled. That was played extremely well on her part. 

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