Just a Chance

Never give up something for someone else until they have given up something for you. Don't make the same mistake I made... Or at least I think it's a mistake, don't quite know anything anymore.


3. 3

I currently have no-one giving a shit for me. I just sit in my room, doing nothing, while the world goes pass. I don't understand, why do I feel guilty? Is it a mind trick he's done on me. I feel guilty, but I haven't done anything. Yes, I might of showed people the conversations we had on Facebook, but that's nothing compared to what he's done! I know I love him and all that shit, and I can't stop. But he's used me, and he won't even give me a chance of being his! Yes, he's under stress, but I am too. I actually don't what to do anymore, I just feel hollow.

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