Mixed Feelings

Icon is the biggest boy band in the world. They're even more popular than One Direction at this point. Liza Nelson can't get enough of them, but Erin Frederick absolutely detests the band. What happens after a chance encounter with one of the band members? Erin's life definitely won't ever be the same.

*the guys are based on the boys in One Direction*


6. >Noah<


Taking careful footsteps, I move nearer to the closed door and press my ear up against it.  What did Lucas—at least, that’s who I’m assuming they’re talking about—do?

“He kissed me.  Well, we kissed.  But it was more than that.  We kind of…made out.  I think he really likes me.”  I hear the giddy note in Erin’s voice.

I suddenly double over and groan, feeling sharp pains in my stomach.  I stumble away from the bedroom door and then fall to my knees.  The girls are the first to hear me, and they hurry out.  I manage to catch a glimpse of Erin’s face.  It’s full of concern and worry.

“Jared, Joe, Lucas, Derek!” Liza screams. “Come quick!”

I hear several of the bedroom doors bang open as my band-mates hurry to see what’s wrong.  Erin kneels beside me and touches my cheek.  Her hand is cool against my warm cheek, which just grows hotter under her touch.

I’m in so much pain, and all I can think is, Erin Frederick is touching me.

The guys join us.  Derek and Jared carefully boost me to my feet and practically carry me to the sofa.  I lie down and close my eyes with a moan.  Erin is still beside me.  Joe is dialing the phone.  It sounds like he’s calling 9-1-1.

Great, I think now. This will be all over the Internet within the hour. ‘Noah Somers—Hospitalized.’”

“Stay with us, Nose,” says Lucas, using the guys’ nickname for me that comes from a combination of Noah and Somers.  I don’t hear any contempt in his voice, only raw concern.  It’s good to know he’s still my friend.

“Has anything like this happened before?” Liza asks.

“Never,” Derek replies. “Could be his appendix, but I’m no doctor.”

Soon, I’m on a stretcher, heading out the door.  It’s surprising to find Erin right by my side.  She’s racing alongside the gurney, only hanging back when the paramedics go through doorways.  Everyone else hangs back but is following.  They’re all coatless, and I can hardly believe they’re going out in the frigid air for me.

There’s a brief squabble over who gets to come in the ambulance with me.  In the end, Lucas wins.  The others hop in a car driven by one of our security guards.

Keeping my eyes open now is hard.  The pain is pretty intense, and all I want to do is squint my eyelids shut.  Yet, the paramedics are doing everything they can to keep my eyes open.  I guess they don’t want me falling asleep.  I don’t feel like doing that, though.


It’s three in the afternoon, and the doctors have just finished running tests.  But they’ve diagnosed the problem as what they first thought when I was admitted to the hospital—stress.  That’s right; apparently, I got a stomachache from sudden stress.  It was so bad that it was debilitating.

“What stressed him out, though?  I don’t understand,” says Joe.  The guys are seated on chairs, Liza is on Jared’s lap, and Erin—who didn’t want to sit—is standing between Lucas and Joe.

The doctor shrugs.  “Only Mr. Somers knows that.  Or perhaps he doesn’t even know himself.  Stress can hit us at random times.  But you’ll be free to go home in another hour.  Just don’t do anything too stressful, exciting, or heart-racing for the next few days, got it?  Rest will help you recover.”

“What about the concert?” Liza whispers.

My band-mates quickly shush her.

“I suppose we’ll have to cancel,” Derek sighs after the doctor has left. “I hate to disappoint all those fans, though.  And they paid so much money to come!”

“Guys,” I speak up. “You can do the concert without me.  My solos aren’t too major, and you lot pretty much know them by heart now, I’m sure.  I’ll stay back and rest.  Oh, and Liza and Erin can go with you and watch from backstage.”

“Let me run it by our manager,” Lucas replies. “He might just prefer to cancel.”

Five minutes later, Lucas has cleared it with our manager.  They’re doing tonight’s concert without me.

“If it’s all right with you guys,” Erin says carefully, “I don’t mind staying back with Noah.  Someone should keep him company, and if he starts to stress out again, it wouldn’t be good for him to be all alone.”

Derek is the first to respond.  “There’s no one else who could stay, except Liza.”

“No, Liza’s coming,” Jared says decisively.

I cover a laugh, but I’m surprised Erin wants to stay with me.  Doesn’t she worry we’ll have a go at each other and it’ll just cause stress?  I don’t like fighting with her.  But then it’s decided; Erin gets to stay with me.  So the guys and Liza leave for rehearsal, and Erin pulls up a chair beside me as we wait the next forty-five minutes out.

“Do you know why you got stressed out?” she asks.

I hesitate, wondering if I should tell her.  Lucas’s plans are already going awry, seeing as how she was supposed to go to rehearsals and the concert and hang out with him.

Finally, I simply say, “Not really.  I have a guess, but I’m probably way off.”

We sit in silence for quite some time.  Finally, a nurse comes in and checks my vitals.  I’m one-hundred-percent fine, so I head into the bathroom to change back into my clothes.  Then Erin and I will get to head out of here, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll fall for me instead of Lucas.

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